OM owner Frank McCourt swore to supporters that the club’s sale was not on the cards. But other clues suggest that it would still be done …

On Friday, Frank McCourt spoke with representatives of OM groups by videoconference. The American owner mentioned many points, including that of the sale, a real sea serpent for many months. He once again swore that he had no contact with anyone to buy back his shares. But, of course, that didn’t calm the fans on social media.

One of them, whose Twitter handle is @tictacbut, made a thread to explain why he believed a sale was imminent. Employed in a merger and acquisition office, he ensures that he is aware of the practices in the world of football when a club is about to be sold. For him, McCourt’s repeated denials make the most sense.

But above all, he wants to believe that the source of the journalist from L’Equipe Thibaud Vézirian is reliable because it comes from the business world and therefore close to the current one. This supporter of OM is convinced that disclosure to the general public is near, which agrees with the opinion of Vézirian, for whom the sale will be effective before the end of the month. The good news is that on June 1, we will be quiet …

🇸🇦 THREAD ANALYSIS OF # SaleOM I have received several messages asking for my opinion on #SaleOM because I was one of the first to talk about it last year. I will try to provide you with my analysis quickly. First, I never told you but (1/12)

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