The France team did not miss its debut in the Olympic tournament by disposing of Argentina (33-27).

No madness dear to the Barjots of yesteryear, no bad surprises either. Just solid. The France team made it sober for their debut on Saturday, July 24 at Yohohi National Stadium. Opposed to the Argentines, the Blues offered a first Olympic victory (33-27) to their new coach Guillaume Gille. The latter notably appreciated the applied defense of his players, as well as the often relentless quick attacks. On the other hand, those on placed play as well as the shooting efficiency are still points to improve. There is still time, hopefully, for the Blues to remedy this.

As a symbol, it is the almost eternal Luc Abalo, 36 years old and one of the three double Olympic champions with Karabatic and Guigou, who opens the scoring for France.

In the process, Vincent Gérard, in a state of levitation during this first period, made a first stop and the French were already making the break. “Los Gladiatores”, nickname of the Argentines, already have one knee on the ground. Without being irresistible either, the partners of Richardson, top scorer of the match with 7 goals, reach the break with two units in advance (12-10) but the impression of mastery leaves very little doubt about the outcome. Match.

More rigorous during the second period, the French indeed stand out inexorably against an opponent they have already beaten 12 times in as many games. In the end, they won with a substantial margin (33-27) and began their quest for a third Olympic title perfectly. Second step to get there, Monday, against Brazil. After the tango test, the Blues will test themselves in samba. You have to know how to keep this rhythm.


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