Yanis David missed his long jump qualifying competition. The Frenchwoman did no better than 6.27m, far from her personal best in 6.84m, and failed to qualify for the final.

The French foil team started their quarter-final against Egypt, the seventh nation in the world. The Blues, ranked 2nd, turn a touch late (4-5) after Julien Mertine’s first pass against Alaaeldin Abouelkassem.

Great emotion at Florent Manaudou after this medal dropped after a break in his career, he who had started in handball. The one who has now won three medals out of three Olympics savored at RMC’s microphone: “There are not many who bet on me a few months ago. I’m super Moved because it was hard to do this season. To finish on it is amazing. It was hard that i’m a boy who always wants to swim in the perfection, redo the times I have made. In an Olympic final, you have to be present on D-Day.

It’s complicated. I have quit, I am 31 years old. I am sad all year round looking for things. I have been a lot negative in my life because of me. I end up on the money, I did well to come back. I wanted to experience emotions. “

What a moment of emotion for Florent Manaudou! After her silver medal in the 50m freestyle, her partner, the Danish Pernille Blume, took the bronze medal in the 50m freestyle in 24”21. The gold goes to the Australian Emaa McKeon (23”81) ahead of the Swedish Saraj Sjoeström (24”07).

And 20! Thanks to Florent Manaudou, the French team now has 20 medals for 4 in gold, 10 in silver and 6 in bronze.

Superb Florent Manaudou! Silver medal for France! Florent Manaudou took second place in 21.55, a very good time, behind the untouchable Caeleb Dressel. The American breaks the Olympic record in 21:07. The Brazilian Bruno Fratus completed the podium in 21.57.

Florent Manaudou makes his entrance with a smile on his face. The tension is at its maximum!

In ten minutes, Florent Manaudou will start in the final of the 50m freestyle. The Frenchman will start on line 5 alongside Caeleb Dressel who will be on line 4.

If the cross-country is still far from over, the situation is improving for the French team. After the passages of Six and Touzaint, the Blues go back to provisional 3rd place behind Great Britain and Australia.

Alexandra Tavernier will play well in the hammer throw final. On her second throw, the French threw at 73.51m, one centimeter beyond the mark requested. She is the third pitcher already in the final after the Polish Wlodarczyk and the American Andersen.

Excellent passage from Nicolas Touzaint. The Frenchman, with Absolut Gold, only regrets a slight excess of time for a penalty of 0.40 points, for a cumulative total of 33.50 points and an 8th place provisional. France will go up in the general classification.

Good start for Alexandra Tavernier on the hammer throw. If the vice-champion of Europe did not reach the qualifying mark (73.50m) during her first throw, she threw at 72.34m and is placed in 3rd position in group A. The Polish Anita Wlodarczyk is already qualified with a very big throw of 76.99m.

The first French rider to enter team cross-country, Christopher Six is ​​currently in 5th place with a cumulative penalty of 31.20.

An Olympic morning start that also takes place in golf. But the podium hopes have already been blown away for the French. Engaged in the last lap, Romain Langasque is 32nd at 9 strokes from the head (-5) while Antoine Rozner is 44th at 12 strokes from the American leader (-2), Xander Sc Chaudele (-14).

Olympic night will also be marked by qualifications and sets in athletics. This is the case for the women’s hammer with Alexandra Tavernier, currently heating up.

After the dressage, cross country for the eventing riders. It left with a Thai rider. Three French people are in the running: Nicolas Touzaint, Karim Laghouag and Christopher Six

1:20 p.m .: Rouguy Diallo (triple jump athlete) 1:25 p.m .: Gabriel Tual in the 2nd heat at 1:35 p.m., Pierre-Ambroise Bosse in the 3rd at 1:45 p.m. (800m athlete)

2:05 p.m .: Wilfried Happio in the 3rd at 2:05 p.m., Ludvy Vaillant in the 1st heat (athlete at 400m hurdles) 2:50 p.m .: Final of the 100m man if qualification (Jimmy Vicaut)

Not to be missed, the final of the 50m freestyle with Manaudou at 3:33 am. Before that, important game of the Blues of volleyball against Brazil, with a place in the quarter to get. The day will end with the 100m final in athletics with, hopefully, Jimmy Vicaut.

And things are better for the Blues, after the splendid harvest on Saturday. one place, with the eighth rank for 19 medals, four of which are gold

Good evening everyone and welcome to the ninth full day of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. We hope for a good harvest this Sunday, even if it will be hard to do as well as Saturday!

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com