Olympian Raven Saunders is nicknamed “The Hulk” but on Friday she looked more like “The Joker” in the shot put qualifying round.

The 25-year-old track and field athlete turned heads with his face mask resembling the “Batman” character “The Joker”, known for his red lips and devilish smile. Saunders completed her look by dyeing her hair half green and half purple.

“This mask and this eye protection are solid there!” Wrote a Twitter user. “Give me something to aspire to!” “

In addition to her dramatic looks, the native of Charleston, SC, impressed on the field by registering the longest throw of her group of 19.22 meters (over 21 yards), securing her place in the final of Sunday.

“The Hulk” will go for the gold in a field of 12, including China’s Gong Lijiao, who recorded a throw of 19.46 meters in Friday’s qualifying rounds.

According to, the International Olympic Committee has required athletes to wear face masks at all Olympic venues – inside and outside – in Tokyo, including during medal ceremonies. However, they can remove them for photos.

The face masks of other US team athletes at the Tokyo Olympics generated a lot of buzz for their villainous style resembling a few other notorious antiheroes.

“What are the Bane / Hannibal Lecter masks that Americans wear on the stands? A Twitter user wrote. “They are huge! (…I want one.) “

Saunders is no stranger to making bold choices when it comes to her look, from platinum blonde hair to wearing a sizzling red crop.

This isn’t the first time she’s made a bold choice of face mask, either. Saunders donned a green Hulk-inspired mask during the US Olympic trials.

“I get stares. I get a lot of stares, ”Saunders said. “I don’t know if people were planning on doing this or thought I was crazy, but I get a lot of stares. “

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