As always since the start of the competition, Bruno Guimarães started with Brazil this Saturday. The OL player played the 90 minutes of the match against Egypt for the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games. The midfielder participated in the qualification of his selection for the semi-finals, a success obtained thanks to the goal of Matheus Cunha (37th).

In the last four, the Seleção will face Mexico, South Korea’s 6-3 striker. The match will take place on Tuesday August 3 at 10 a.m. KST.

These bastards even changed the email address, so that nelson no longer appears, which was to be the keyword for O&L in order to block it! 🤬🤬🤬

Hi Dede,
If so, nelson is still as good in the comment as in the email.
Afterwards, I had spoken of the possibility that those responsible for the management of OS&L could use the word to block these spam emails, but this was obviously not done.
The site is evolving, but at its own pace.

Do like me, report it systematically; when O&L is fed up with looking at the “feedback” they might do something to automatically censor.
However, it is easy to automatically censor “Dr Nelson” or “Doctor Nelson” or simply “Nelson” as it happens when you type “stre @ ming” with an “a” instead of “@”!

Exactly Moimoi, I must change my glasses, or be more attentive! ….

We blocked him (already 5 times) but he changes his mail each time this bastard !!!

Hello Razik,
There is no way to register an automatic blocking of the word nelson, as is the case for certain insults or the word written above by Janot?
Because despite all the respect I (n) have (not) for this English vice-admiral, the word “nelson” is not often used on O&L.
Apart from the spammer.

Hello little wolves 😉
However, it is easy to block a poster, or even to ban him permanently, you still have to want to do it!

You just taught me a word! However, I don’t know if I will reuse it …
But I do not see what would be the interest of O&L, I highly doubt that they will take a com ‘^ _ ^

No because he’s changing email. We blocked 5 different addresses in 3 days. Our CIO is on vacation to see how to get rid of it for good.

Ah yes but I was not talking about his email, it seems obvious to me that he changes to register, or even an IP address.
I was talking about putting the word nelson squarely in the list of “forbidden” words on the site. The messages would be direct awaiting moderation and you would only have to delete them, then do the same with the account afterwards.
Better to add a little moderation before posting comments than to let him continue to post. Finally, this is only my opinion and a suggestion.