While he has just landed in Lyon, Sonny Anderson faces Paris Saint-Germain with Olympique Lyonnais. That day, the former striker offered victory to his club by being the only scorer of the meeting.

In an interview with Eurosport, the Brazilian confides that this poster was a turning point in his career in Rhone. “In fact, it is not necessarily because of the cost of the transfer. It should be remembered that the reception of PSG came just after the elimination of OL in the preliminary round of the Champions League against Maribor. I had problems with some supporters at Tola Vologe. They had come to threaten me and put pressure on me. For them, it was my fault if Lyon had been eliminated, he says. People do not know it, but the week of the match against PSG, I attended a meeting with the fans. I told them: ‘If you continue to be aggressive, I leave the club.’ For me, that was not the football. Just because you’re eliminated from a very important competition doesn’t mean you have to be so aggressive. “

Anderson admits that he could have left the Rhône a few weeks after his arrival if this situation continued. “I did not accept this violence. I had to give me time, I had just arrived and I was coming out of an injury, explains the former center-forward. Then this match against PSG (1-0) arrived, I got a penalty, which I transformed to the Bad Gones side. Then they trusted me and the story started like that. This goal and this victory threw me to the OL. Imagine if I miss that match and that penalty: the fans might have thought I lied to them when I asked them for time. I really regained my confidence from that match. “

Yeah the cracked ones were already there
If he missed the penalty and left just after, we would never have been French champion, because he is the detonator of everything, it is he who started the machine. Like what crazed people could have changed the course of history, it didn’t matter much …

Unlike the crazies who wanted to settle Sonny’s score, I had known him for a long time.
At the time, I was recording with my Télé Suisse Romande rake. I saw a lot of LYON matches live and real and Servette matches where Sonny had just landed. He was playing with his name Brasilou. He was really impressive and you could easily guess that he would go and play elsewhere.

No question of telling my life story, but below is an extract from my son’s email received, there is q.q. mn ……
He is a Bad Gones subscriber, and present for the matches, in the North turn.

“as for the match, and the” good evening “, it has become very / too rare with OL.
I am so disgusted and frustrated by this team and worse even almost by the club .. I hope that we will not go after 5 and that Mbappe will leave us alone.
We will especially see the state of mind of the team and if we are a team. For the result I count zero points and any other result would be a good surprise given the context and our level. Either way, the season is rotten and the evil deep. If Juni left, it’s a sign …
I blame the BGs who shot Genesio and I blame Aulas who could not control the ever more violent sling of some, not representative of all supporters and enthusiasts of OL.
We have slipped for a lot of seasons, OL has become a club Med with overpaid players, taking themselves for stars when they do not have the talent.
I keep Anto Lopez, the others can all get out. ”
————————————————– ————
He too regrets that the “cleaning” was not done earlier.
Bads Gones, ain’t all uncs, nor savages
!!! …..

You look disappointed and angry at the same time. So that even JMA disappoints you is that you are fed up …
I quite agree with you for the players, I would have added Toko and Gusto with Antho 😉 And I would trust Henrique because outside the start of the season he was rather good and voluntary in the matches where he started. I also leave Cherki who played good games, too bad he does not play often.

You did not read Juni very well, it is the written opinion of my son who is …….. a Bad Gones.

Very sad.
“I blame the BGs who shot Genesio”; a crime of facies vis-à-vis Génésio.
Right now, I’m having a hard time staying passionate. It must have been visible on my current presence on the site. Nothing helps.

Yes darn your good words we miss.
Come back more often, the club and the forum are counting on you.

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