Les Fenottes know it, only victory counts this Sunday against PSG (9 p.m.). Sonia Bompastor chose to trust Selma Bacha in the left lane of the defense. For the rest, the rearguard is classic with Ellie Carpenter, Kadeisha Buchanan and Wendie Renard.

The surprise of this team composition is ahead with the tenure of Sakina Karchaoui on the left wing. She will be supported by Delphine Cascarino and Catarina Macario. Saki Kumagai will start on the bench. On the other hand, Eugénie Le Sommer does not appear on the scoresheet. According to our information, the test passed by the player this morning was not conclusive. The striker has not trained for the week due to an injury against Bordeaux last weekend.

OL composition against PSG: Bouhaddi – Carpenter, Buchanan, Renard (c), Bacha – Majri, Henry, Marozsán – Cascarino, Macario, Karchaoui

PSG 11: Endler – Lawrence, Paredes, Dudek, Morroni – Geyoro, Däbritz – Diani, Bruun, Bachmann, Baltimore

No Eujénie ​​on the scoresheet? what to say injured or other reason?

It will be very complicated.
This attack scares me.
But given the first leg, it is a good bet for Bonpastor.
She wants a serious defense, with a finally titular Basha. Against diani it’s good.
And an environment that keeps the ball.
It’s unfortunate to say that, but I hope the attackers get a lot of free kicks, for Amel, Maro, and especially Wendie …

So Eugenie Le Sommer was not ready, the last test not being good, she was not retained in the group.

Sakina on the left is not a bad idea, she is technical and will provoke, it can bring favorable set pieces.

Maybe, but so far she has never seemed the most dangerous to me. If she doesn’t build a straight line behind the defense, she does little.

Well, we cross our fingers, we squeeze everything and we wish a victory to end (even if there will still be a game on Friday) on a happy note this delicate season, both for boys and girls with this elimination of the cup. from Europe.

Eugenie would have been precious in this kind of match, her experience and her qualities will be lacking in front.
Surprised all the same by the positioning of Sakina, but it had to be worked on in training.
One certainty, Melvine and Parris will return during the match, depending on the scenario.

It’s more our attack that worries me a bit, but as Juni said, 1-0 is enough! 😉

Off topic,
Very interesting interview with Yilmaz.
He speaks of friendship above all.
If you add his aggressiveness, we get a great player

A very good state of mind, I find Juni-compatible with his “anger” which could be badly taken, but never bad in the state of mind.

This is to make up for Carpenter’s many shortcomings.
Who is neither good in attack and non-existent in defense so far

The little Baltimore ball! You have to keep an eye on it because it is often forgotten on the left.

Nice energy expenditure of our Lyonnaises but in attack in the last 30 meters it is sorely lacking in built play …

I would not want to pass for the big macho (which I probably am) but last night I had fun watching the match, while here I am doing ièch despite my Lyon heart …
I wish you a good second half and I’m off to netflix …

Obviously if you compare with the final last night!
It’s a women’s match, even though I think there is a lot of commitment.

@ Janot: I am not the one who compares, I answered Sergioleglise … Afterwards, I know very well that it is a women’s match but I happened to see a very good match from our windows, very pleasant to see, whereas this evening frankly, if we remove the emotional stake of the supporter well we get confused … And that also happened to me for the boys! Good match this time I go!

I don’t see how we’re going to set a goal!
These quatarisians defend very well and are strong

These defenses are the lot of all clubs in Europe, unfortunately. I naively thought that in football, girls would bring finesse, elegance …

Not easy at all.
Apart from a header from Henry, no clear opportunity to score. Our attackers are rarely in a good position to shoot. We will have to change something up front.

A phantom attack, and not enough rhythm.
We are making their job easier.
Sakina’s daring bet ahead.

I find that Macario does not have a cutting edge game.
Lack of in-depth calls in particular, it never stings at the near post on crosses, …

A draw at best. A quick assessment of Sonia is needed. Malard and Parris are required in the visiting room!

Carpenter does not yet have the ability to replace Cascarino: his percussions are less precise and his dribbling is non-existent. She rushes forward but does not put her opponent in the wind as Delphine knows how to do, hence less dangerous attacks. No withdrawal centers, for example.
Carpenter and Karchaoui are not wingers.
We can put Parris and Malard: if they are not served, they will not do better than Macario en pointe.
It lacks shifts to destabilize the Parisian defense.

Our girls are not on level tonight
Apart from a peno or a wendie’s head …

We have two daughters who are able to run on balls that are even too long and they are not on the field.

Indeed, it is Garcia for women, she replaces the only player who is in the actions!

Unless prevented, I do not understand the absence of Parris who is poison for the defenses.

For the followers of the women’s OL, was it useful to fire the coach?
I wonder what bompastor brought to see this match which looks like a boxing fight, even if we miss our attackers

Huge change in mentalities
And in the fighting spirit
On the other hand, game and technique question there is still a lot of work to be done
And we must find a right side

No, it didn’t do much to kick Vasseur. (I remind you that he is not responsible, Ada and Mbock are long absence and the team was half Covid), our attackers are still wooden …

A big disappointment arises …
After last Sunday our girls are imitating the boys. In 8 days we lose everything.

Indeed, his game plan is, for me, too based on combativeness but in terms of game plan and strategy, we still feel a big lack.

And then, in front of it, a real point is missing. On the other hand, I don’t understand why she doesn’t put Melvine on earlier

It was necessary to strike hard at the time of weak Parisian weather (playing time). Under the final aggressiveness, Paris flinched … Malard had to return earlier with Parris, Kumagai and Delphine remaining on the field.

Yes, but Delphine on the right, because there she was underexploited.
We had Carpenter instead, who can neither cross nor dribble …
Pure Vasseur …

As in all the confrontations this year, they were puffed up by the physical challenge of the Parisians;
it’s sad but women’s football is taking this direction.

We will wait until the next season, hoping that it will be better … On the other hand, the story of the change of coach 3 games from the end pfff

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