OL ended the mid-season with a draw against Metz (1-1) on Wednesday at the end of the first leg. With one match less (the one against Marseille), Lyon points to an anonymous 13th place in the championship. A mediocre ranking which is explained by the inability of the team to maintain a high level of play over time. And that annoys Bruno Guimaraes, midfielder of the team who criticizes the state of mind of the team.

“I’m frustrated, said the Brazilian, Wednesday after the game against Metz. We had a good second half. In the first, we were bad , not good at all. Right after we scored, we took a goal. It’s tough. For the second half of the season, we have to have a goal. we change the desire, we can not accept that We always say that we are not in our place but we do not do much to show it. it makes me feel bad, it hurts me. “

“I’m having a bad Christmas because of that,” he continues. to end the year on the podium. That’s the most important. We always do 60-70 good minutes but we never play well for 90 minutes. § What we missed in the first half of the season, we have to stop with that. We always talk about showing on the pitch but we have to do more. We cannot score and to take a goal a minute later is unacceptable. “

An observation shared by his coach, Peter Bosz, whose position weakens a little more after each average result. “Everyone saw that it was a lot better in the second half, says the technician. The first half was very difficult. We had a lot of possession. but we were hardly dangerous We could have played two or three hours without scoring by continuing like that He was going to change something and we played with two real wingers in second me halftime and I think it was a lot better. There was more intensity and more chances. We even scored but they did. equalized a minute later. That’s a bit of the story of our first part of the season. It’s not good and the result is not good.”

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com