With six points taken in two games, the Gones are at the top of their group. In three weeks, OL will move to the Czech Republic to face Sparta Prague, second in the group and winner tonight against Glasgow Rangers.

OL finally won 3-0 after a final half hour punctuated by three goals. A double from Toko Ekambi and a goal from Aouar allowed Lyon to win, but we must not forget the first hour of play when OL dominated without being able to open the scoring.

FROM THE HEAD, AOUAR PUT THE THIRD! Karl Toko Ekambi fights on the right side to put himself in a center position and offer a ball to Aouar, alone in the middle of the box who comes to conclude with a plunging head. 3-0 for OL.

On a good center back from Emerson, Aouar found himself in a striking position. In pivot, he tries his luck but it passes over, while a bottle of water embarrassed Cherki in the box.

The Cameroonian had already scored against Glasgow Rangers in the opening day. He is currently the only Lyon goalscorer in the Europa League this season.

Rayan Cherki Festival on the right side, which centers back. The ball is deflected but returns to Toko Ekambi who concludes with his right foot. Doubled for the Cameroonian, 2-0 for OL!

Bröndby’s keeper was almost trapped but he is relaxing well to deviate to a corner.

TOKO EKAMBI CONCLUDES FROM THE HEAD! On a long cross from Thiago Mendes, Paqueta gave the lead for the Cameroonian, who concluded with a head in front of the empty goal! 1-0 for OL, who struggled but ended up finding the opening.

On a back pass from Lyon that was completely missed, Pavlovic recovered and rushed towards the goal. Under pressure from Diomandé, he unscrewed his shot but OL were frightened again.

It is very much above. The Brazilian strikes a lot tonight, but does not have much success.

The problem is even more glaring than in the first half: the Lyonnais dominate and have the technical quality to make the difference, but spin the ball a little too much and lack intensity.

On one of Bröndby’s rare foray attempts, Pavlovic is launched at the midline. But he is narrowly flagged offside.

The Brazilian is served in front of the box with a defender in his back. He turns around wrapping around the defender and hits from the left, but it’s close.

Almost at a standstill, the Brazilian tries his luck from afar. It’s off target, but he’s one of the toughest attempts today.

He has time to come and shake hands with Thiago Mendes and Houssem Aouar before security comes to get him out of the precinct.

OL kick off and must now make a difference after a half-time of sterile domination.

No additional time in this first period. OL largely dominate the meeting but have not yet managed to open the scoring. 0-0 between Lyon and Bröndby at Groupama Stadium.

But the Lyonnais can not find the fault. Paqueta was the closest but he hit the post. Opposite, Bröndby only shot twice on goal.

In certain situations, OL players and in particular Lucas Paqueta are showing a little too much complacency, with unsupported passes or lack of concentration. Still, Peter Bosz’s players have everything to score in this game.

The Brazilian dives to the near post on the corner and touches the ball to deflect it towards the goal. The keeper is still there to catch him.

The Cameroonian tears off and manages to strike after having had a favorable counter. However, his ball is deflected and goes for a corner. OL must push to gain the advantage in a match that they have mastered perfectly.

Obstruction of the French after a ball lost by Paqueta which could give a counter action to Bröndby.

Served by Aouar at the entry of the surface, the Swiss had time. He came back inside on his left foot to follow it up with a strike that eventually went over the top.

The Danes made two deep forays, but the rest of the time they have a hard time building any action when they have the ball.

On a cross by defense, Thiago Mendes is well placed at the entry of the box. He folds well to catch the ball on the fly, but it is well captured by vigilant Hermansen.

Just in front of the box, Lucas Paqueta landed a low shot that hit Hermansen’s post. The ball then bounces off the calf of the Danish goalkeeper, who grabs it. It was hot for Bröndby.

OL calm things down, there is not much intensity. Peter Bosz’s players hold the ball but don’t seem to want to accelerate more than that.

Superb acceleration of Aouar, who finds Paqueta in relay. The Brazilian is looking for Aouar in the surface. The Frenchman gets the better of the defender but then stumbles on the keeper who deflects for a corner. It was the best opportunity of the match for OL.

But neither Paqueta nor Toko Ekambi can take this ball back. The Danish goalkeeper was still trapped and couldn’t come out, it was well played from Shaqiri.

Thrown in depth, the Bröndby striker can take the ball and cross his shot. It was a little short of Lopes’ goal, but a new fear for OL, which has already been taken twice defensively.

Paqueta tries to find Toko Ekambi in the middle of a forest of legs, but a defender manages to deflect to his goalkeeper who grabs the ball. OL are in control but must find the opening to conclude.

The Dubois cross was a bit high but the Brazilian almost took it back. He only grazes the ball with his head when he made the right call in the middle of the defense.

After a combination with Shaqiri on the left side, Karl Toko Ekambi strikes from the left. It’s a bit too crushed and well captured by the keeper, but OL are getting closer and closer to Bröndby’s goal.

After a shot blocked by Aouar in the middle of the box, Paqueta was not far from recovering the ball when he arrived thrown. He was caught narrowly by the Danish defender who clears the ball at the last moment.

Bröndby’s right piston has time to take the ball and arm his shot. It is in the small net of Lopes but OL should not leave so much space.

Served by Mendes on the edge of the surface, the Swiss attempted a cross shot from the left which passed to the side. First great opportunity for OL.

The Brazilian fouled on the first foul of the match. He will now have to deal with this warning.

The Lyonnais combine in front of the surface to try to find the opening. OL have the ball and have mastered the pace of the match in these opening minutes.

The Danish team have been transferred to the Europa League after losing their Champions League play-off to Red Bull Salzburg. Defending Danish champion Brondby is competing in a European Cup for the first time since 2005, with the support of his fans.

The assistant coach of OL, Claudio Caçapa, confirmed at the microphone of OL TV the little surprise of the composition: Lucas Paqueta will start in peak, and Toko Ekambi on the left side.

For the first day of the Europa League, OL won in Glasgow against Rangers 2-0, with goals from Karl Toko Ekambi and James Tavernier against their side. Brondby, meanwhile, had drawn 0-0 at home against Sparta Prague.

Peter Bosz unveiled his team composition against the Danes of Bröndby for this match of the 2nd day of the Europa League at Groupama Stadium. The OL coach was deprived of several holders including Dembélé and Denayer. Slimani and Boateng are also unavailable.

Lopes – Dubois, Diomandà ©, Diomandà ©, Emerson -Thiago Mendes, Caqueret – Shaqiri, Aouar, Toko Ekambi – Paqueta

Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com