The two leaders in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in the South American zone will meet this Saturday. At 9 p.m., Brazil welcomes Argentina for a rematch of the last Copa América final won by the Albiceleste. A duel between Neymar and Messi, between two giants of world football.

Two players from Olympique Lyonnais could take part in this poster. Lucas Paquetá and Bruno Guimarães, holders in the previous Seleção match (Chile, 0-1), have a place in the eleven to go for.

In the standings, the Brazilians are ahead of their rival with a 7 out of 7. With 21 points, the Auriverdes are 6 lengths ahead of the Argentines before this shock.

Guimares and Paqueta surely absent for our match against Strasbourg because they will just come back from selection their last match will be on the night of Thursday to Friday. I’m already afraid for us

OL may have a way to keep one of the 2 cool in agreement with Brazil. They just have to play Gerson, for example, instead of guimaraes. Paqueta in my opinion will be there so the return to France will no doubt be complicated. It wouldn’t have bothered me if we had the bench, but it doesn’t. Even shakiri and boetang will not be ready.

indeed, big match tonight between the 1 st and the 2 nd of the pool for the qualification in the world cup !! argentina – brazil, it’s a bit like our France -Germany or France – Italy. I hope our Lyonnais will shine 😉

They meet once a month … sorry it sucks (if we still say it back home …).

The event is the rarity and the rarity the event … it is bate (no we say it more here than me because I am in).

Yes, yes Roberto but this slang is written “bath”. To revise the slang of the 50s and 60s see the “Mimile Method” by A. Boudard.

Match interrupted, so much the better it will save energy in Paqueta.
And Denayer apparently has a good game with Belgium, if he comes back in form it can be a central defense of fire for him and Boateng.
Otherwise, Emerson starts with Italy, Dubois yesterday with France and Lopes with Portugal.
Shaqiri is normally the Swiss captain.
If we add the Africans (KTE, Kadewere, Diomandé), it starts to make international A.