The results of the first round of the partial legislative which took place this Sunday, May 30 are starting to fall in the rural municipalities of the 1st constituency. Marked by a strong abstention, the ballot seems for the moment favorable to the candidate LR Victor Habert-Dassault.

In Thieux, Victor Habert-Dassault crushes the competition with 88 votes out of 123 voters and 123 votes cast. Behind him, the RN candidate, Claire Marais-Beuil obtained 16 votes. Next come, Roxane Lundy (Generation. S), 5 voices, Dominique Renard (DLF), 5 voices, Axelle LATRASSE (untagged environmentalist) 4 voices, Renà © e Potctovik (LO) 2 voices , Karim Lamaaizi (LaREM) 2 votes, Thomas Joly (Party of France) 1 vote.

In Bonneuil-les-Eaux, whose mayor is Nicole Cordier, substitute candidate for Victor Habert-Dassault, the results are as follows:

Victor Habert-Dassault, 170 voices Dominique Renard, 22 voices Claire-Marais-Beuil, 24 voices Roxane Monday 19 voices, Thomas Joly, 1 voice, Karim Lamaaizi, 5 voices Renà © e Potchtovik, 1 voice, Axelle LATRASSE, 1 voice

In Breteuil-sur-Noye, the absentee rate reached 76.9%. Deputy Mayor Dominique Renard, candidate for Debout la France, took second place.

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