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New Hampshire’s Calen Lucier, 23, is hit at home after hitting a triple homer during Wednesday’s game against Ohio at Volunteer Stadium, which put the team on the scoreboard in the lower part of the sixth inning.

A closer look at Hamilton, Ohio’s 4-3 win over Hooksett, New Hampshire, Wednesday at Volunteer Stadium.

GAME OF THE GAME – JJ Vogel Sacrificial Fly: Vogel already had a run on the previous game at the next At -Bat drove into another. With first baseman Kaleb Harden in third place, Vogel brought him home with a sacrificial flight into midfield. Vogel hit five scoreless innings, and one run made the difference in the ball game.

OHIO PLAYER OF THE GAME: – JJ Vogel: Ohio has been without two of its four best throwers for the past few days, but Vogel returned to the hill on Wednesday . It was just in time for Ohio when New Hampshire was fresh from a 14-run, 16-hit lap over Oregon the night before. The left-handed pitcher threw five goalless innings and hit 11 batters for just one hit over 89 pitches.

NEW HAMPSHIRE PLAYER IN THE GAME – Calen Lucier: Lucier made it big when New Hampshire needed something, everything to go with one last half inning to get on the board before the knockout. 4-0 deficit, Lucier hit a triple homeer to bring New Hampshire back into play with a chance for a walk-off win.

BIG INNING – Tip of the third inning: Ohio broke a stalemate with two innings with two runs. Krew Brown double outed the line to the left field of the frame. Back at the top of the West Side, Harden Brown moved up to third with a base goal. Chance Retherford singled in Brown on a hard ground ball to right field for the first run of the game. Vogel then brought one last run with his sacrificial fly. Ohio recorded four hits in the inning with a final line drive to Gavin Saylor’s left field.

RALPH WILSON / Sun Gazette correspondent
New Hampshire shortstop Mason DeVall comes out with the ball for a force on Ohio’s Chase Moak during their game on Wednesday at Volunteer Stadium.

BEST PERFORMANCE – Ohio’s offensive at the top of the sixth inning: Ohio only had a 2nd after five innings : 0 lead, but Insurance was at the top of the last frame. In a mirror attempt in the third inning, two runs were achieved in part by a sacrificial fly. First, a Brown Line Drive to Left Field recorded an RBI. Harden then hit a victim who flew into midfield to bring Brown home and double Ohio’s lead before the final half inning.

FLASHING LEATHER – It took New Hampshire only two runs in the top of the fifth frame to complete one make a few moves to get some late momentum. Hooksett’s Field first stepped that process with a 1-2-3 inning. Vogel came up against Mason DeVall first and Tyler Donges finished in third place. Another move from Cooper Clay to the second base prevented Ohio from adding insurance and kept New Hampshire competing.

HOME RUN – Lucier’s home run came at the last moment, right at the end of the sixth. 4-0 with no outs and two runners lost, the first baseman loaded a ball well over the wall to place the game in a single run. A flyout and two strikeouts prevented more damage from being done, allowing Ohio to narrowly escape.

WHAT THE ADULTS SAY – “Right before the inning, I thought, ‘Hey, it all starts with one person getting on the base “We knew Vogel’s pitch count was up there, I think he started the inning at 81,” New Hampshire manager Timothy DeVall said. “I said to the guys, ‘Hey, let’s just get one guy on base,’ and then Mason (DeVall) came along and hit that hit on the right field. It started with that, and then the next bat there, Tristan (Lucier), he went for a walk and the big cat swung the bat well last night and that was Calen Lucier. He grabbed one and put one in his wheelhouse there. “

” If anyone was following JJ (Vogel) or our team, they had an amazing 12 year year. Not just pitching, but also hitting, ”said Ohio manager Ken Coomer of Vogel’s last hill climb of the summer. “He’s a great kid and a great role model for all children who grow up. He’s doing his job. He does what you ask and his record, I’m not sure about their record, but I think his ERA has to be below one … he was our rock. He leads and the children follow. He did a great job in that role. ”

RALPH WILSON / Sun Gazette correspondent
Ohio players celebrate their 4-3 win over New Hampshire at Volunteer Stadium on Wednesday.

WHAT THE CHILDREN SAY – “It feels really good to keep going,” said Vogel. “I thought I was really good today. I only took a few walks that I shouldn’t have taken, but otherwise I thought I did pretty well. “

” It feels great to be among the last six teams in the US ” said Harden. “My team behind me talked and told me to throw punches and take a deep breath, and I did.”

WHAT IT MEANS – New Hampshire was eliminated from the Little League World Series. Ohio moves up in the losing class and faces loser California / South Dakota at 7 p.m. today at Lamade.

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