The ultraconservative weekly Valeursuelles, which published in August 2020 a story depicting LFI deputy Danièle Obono as a slave, was sentenced on Wednesday September 29 for public insult .

The publication director of the magazine Erik Monjalous, sent to court for this delict, as well as the editorial director Geoffroy Lejeune and the editor of the article Laurent Jullien, tried for complicity, were sentenced to a fine of 1,500 euros each and to pay 5,000 euros in damages to Danièle Obono.

Entitled “Obono l’Africaine”, this seven-page article, described as an exercise in “political-fiction”, told according to the newspaper how the deputy of Paris, born in Gabon, experienced “the responsibility of Africans for the horrors of slavery” in the 18th century. Danièle Obono was thus transported to an African village in the 18th century, then sold as a slave to an Arab notable, before being redeemed by a French religious and brought back to France.

The article, accompanied by drawings of the deputy LFI of Paris, iron collar around the neck, had been unanimously condemned by the political class. Emmanuel Macron had called Obono to inform him of his “clear condemnation of any form of racism”. During the hearing at the end of June, the defendants explained that they wanted to point to “the denial” of the racialist current to which Danièle Obono was, according to them, part “with regard to operated slavery resolved by Africans vis-à-vis other Africans ”. They had invoked political “satire”, while regretting the turn that the controversy had taken.

Several witnesses such as the former director of publication Philippe Val, cited by the defense, or the former French football international Lilian Thuram, cited by the civil parties, had followed one another at the helm. These sentences followed the demands of the prosecutor, who had considered that “racist insults disguised as creation” were “just as dangerous as the frontal attack” and called for © a fine of 1,500 euros for each of the accused.

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There was nothing racist about VA fiction. A judge, who misread the article, who did not compare it to a large number of articles featuring famous people, would have judged? No, he gave his own opinion, motivated either by fear or by ideology.