Nukumi, nicknamed “Queen of the Ocean”, has been crossing the Atlantic Ocean for almost two months. The white shark is heading to Europe according to scientists, but for a very special reason: to give birth to its babies.

Nukumi is, according to scientists, the largest white shark ever seen in North America. Despite her 50 years, Nukumi, a female 5 meters long and weighing more than two tons, is currently headed for Europe.

Nukumi’s journey began last February: “Nukumi has been swimming east for about two months, since she left the American coast off the state of North Carolina,” says Bob Hueter, specialist at Ocearch .

The female is indeed equipped with a GPS tag allowing the Ocearch organization to observe the movements of species, especially sharks. Usually, Nukumi swims along the US East Coast. This time, she would have decided otherwise.

According to Bob Hueter and Ocearch, few sharks dare to venture this far. In general, sharks cross part of the Atlantic Ocean up to a certain limit: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater relief that serves as a natural barrier.

Once there, the sharks usually turn around. But not Nukumi. “We can’t predict whether it will continue, or turn back. If she doesn’t turn around soon, she could be heading to offshore islands or seamounts in the eastern Atlantic, places like the Azores. Or maybe it will head for the Mediterranean Sea, because there are already white sharks, ”says Bob Hueter.

But then why does Nukumi decide to go this far? A solution can be explained, according to experts.

Nukumi would be pregnant and would therefore seek to move away as far as possible from predators: “The hypothesis that we have developed is that these females are pregnant, having mated off the American coast, and are now moving away from the main population. to give birth to their young. Nukumi probably takes advantage of deep prey such as squid and fish that live in the open sea at depth, ”adds Bob Hueter.

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