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The NSW government’s Crisis Cabinet is scheduled to meet on Friday at 9:30 a.m. before the latest infection data will be officially released.

The NSW government will hold an emergency meeting to review the state’s response to a growing number of COVID-19 infections across Sydney that have so far avoided a lockdown.

The cabinet meeting, which is due to take place on Friday at 9:30 a.m., will take place later in the morning before the official publication of the latest infection data.

So far there have been 36 cases related to the so-called Bondi cluster, the last week in the east of the city has broken out.

The coalition government has held back with the declaration of a lockdown, preferring instead to restrict the movements of residents, to increase the wearing of masks and restrict social and other gatherings.

“It is the details, the information we have behind the scenes, that our knowledgeable health officials look at that gives us the confidence to make a decision, and the advice at this stage is not to lock, “Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro told Nine Network on Friday.

” We’ll see what the numbers look like this morning when the Crisis Cabinet meets again at 9:30 am. “

” But the council could change in the next few hours, and it could change over the weekend. “

Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian warned on Thursday that the state was facing its” scariest “time since the pandemic began.

On Wednesday, 18 new cases from 48,402 tests were registered in the 24 hours to 8 p.m., 13 of which were previously announced.

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After the 8 p.m. cut-off, an additional six cases were discovered – which will be included in Friday’s official census – adding to the five new cases confirmed for 11 on Thursday, a total of 36. </ The rapidly developing outbreak spread to Victoria on Thursday after a Melbourne resident flew to Sydney and back over the weekend.

In Sydney, the 60-year-old man attended the 30-person convention in West Hoxton part. Eleven people who attended the party have now tested positive.

The 61-year-old boss of the man at Sandringham Dry Cleaners also tested positive on Thursday. No more cases were announced in the Friday numbers.

NSW Health added multiple exposure locations to its list of places of concern on Thursday evening and Friday morning, including two cafes in Potts Point, two cafes in Alexandria and a gym in Bondi Junction.

Despite widespread speculation, Sydney was on the verge of another lockdown, Ms. Berejiklian kept her cool but flagged a police flash to catch anyone who defied the restrictions announced on Wednesday.

“Since the pandemic started this may be the scariest time NSW is going through, “she said on Thursday.

” It’s a very contagious [Delta] variant, but at the same time we feel confident at this stage that the settings we have are the right ones , but as long as everyone does the right thing. “

In the meantime, Mr Barilaro has tested negative for COVID-19 after a virus fear in the country’s parliament steady.

However, the NSW Nationals leader must follow health advice and remain isolated in Sydney until July 6, with at least two more tests.

The NSW Parliament was opened on Thursday during one of the busiest weeks of the year – household week – declared a potential exposure site after Agriculture Secretary Adam Marshall tested positive.

Many state MPs were believed to be close links and hundreds of people worked in the building on Macquarie Street in Sydney this week , were at risk.

Parliament building staff were told to stay home on Thursday while a group of MPs underwent rapid tests so they could enter Parliament and approve the 2021/22 budget approved on Tuesday The Speaker of the House of Commons, Jonathan O’Dea, said Thursday afternoon that so far no other MPs tested positive but some were still waiting for the results.

Two new local COVID-19 cases in Queensland and none in Victoria amid concerns about the outbreak in NSW

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