SAN DIEGO – Take a close look at what is being written about the San Diego Padres.

“The Padres show organizational ruptures, plural and abundance,” wrote Bryce Miller, columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

A recent Athletic feature states, “As the Padres evolve, the positions of the coaching staff and those of (manager Jayce) Tingler are in question.”

After a nightmarish road trip that ended in a battle against the St. Louis Cardinals, beat reporter A.J. Cassavell tweeted this: “A disaster of a trip. The padres went 2-8 and were swept up by the team they are chasing. Her biggest stars quarreled, their injury concerns worsened, their lack of pitching depth continued to be exposed. Two more weeks to play. It would take something extraordinary. ”

On Tuesday afternoon at Petco Park, manager Jayce Tingler had to deal with his booth in a tense clubhouse.

“I don’t think I lost the clubhouse,” said Tingler. “Ultimately, we didn’t play what I think we are capable of and let me begin with that. As a coach, I am ultimately responsible for the performance of the players. ”

With two weeks left in the regular season, the baseball world has given up on a Padres team that appears to be in disarray.

At the start of spring training, it was the Padres who were supposed to challenge the Dodgers for a National League West title, and the Giants were supposed to be the team that struggled to finish at .500.

Tinglers Padres are a mess. They’ve lost 10:33 pm since the All-Star break, saw their playoff chances dissipate, and their two over $ 300 million players Manny Machado and Fernando Tatís Jr. got into one at Busch Stadium over the weekend visible argument on the dugout.

The Giants by Gabe Kapler, on the other hand, are at the top of the world. Their 97 wins, which come into play on Tuesday, lead the majors, they have made the most home runs in the National League and have had the chance to win their first division title since 2012.

With six of their last 12 games against the Padres, the Giants have the chance to take the opportunity to obliterate San Diego and force a now much discussed upheaval. The key for San Francisco is the win, and possibly all-out success, of this week’s 3-game series at Petco Park, as that could help make the final series of the season set to take place October 1-3 at Oracle Park to make it irrelevant to San Diego.
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As the St. Louis Cardinals continue to advance in the wildcard rating, the Giants ‘goal is to maintain and possibly expand their divisional lead over the Dodgers while destroying the Padres’ playoff chances. The Giants will send their two most trusted starting mugs, Kevin Gausman and Logan Webb, up the hill in San Diego this week’s streak, and any missed opportunities to evict the Padres can track the Giants in a variety of ways.

A streak defeat to the Padres could make San Diego a wildcard factor again, and the last thing the Giants want is into last weekend with a suddenly motivated Padres team bursting with confidence to go of the season and sneak into the playoffs for a chance to play.

A series loss would almost certainly also give the Dodgers the window they need to close their deficit in NL West, which is the scenario the Giants have been desperately trying to avoid for the past three months .

In spring training, it was the padres who could look to the end of the training schedule and dream of the days to end the Dodgers’ reign at the top of the division with wins over the Giants. Now it’s the Giants who are better positioned to win a division title, and to achieve that goal, they’ll have to ditch the Padres for good.