Kevin is a rock fan. This November 13, accompanied by his friend, he came to listen to the Eagles of Death Metal, like 1500 other spectators. Arrived late, they are not in the pit as Kevin wanted but behind, just next to the bar. The Bataclan is packed.

“Around 9:47 pm or so, I heard firecrackers, well I don’t know. A loud noise. And instinctively, I turned towards the entrance and saw one of the terrorists shoot in the air. first and then on the people in front of him, ”he recalls. “Like many I said to myself, no it’s part of the show. It’s not true, it’s not real. But quickly, I realized that it was serious and that it was an attack. “, he continues.

A terrorist shoots. Kevin is touched. 2 bullets in the leg. He grits his teeth. Not to cry out in pain, he told himself, convinced that the terrorists would finish him off if they spotted him. He remains lying down. “I saw people stand up and say, you won’t win, and unfortunately they were executed on the spot.” He repeats: “the only way to survive was not to move especially, so as not to attract their attention.”

Kevin knows that his injury is serious but helped, he manages to leave the room then is taken care of by the emergency services. “Put him to sleep” will be the last words he will hear before being plunged into a coma.

After three cardiac arrests and several operations, the 27-year-old wakes up at the Bégin hospital in Saint-Mandé in the Val-de-Marne. “Instinctively, I looked at my leg and saw that it was still there,” he recalls.

He learns what happened on the television news and recognizes the man who was shooting, Samy Amimour. “He was the person I had seen walk into the Bataclan at the very beginning and fire shots in the air. And murder people in front of him. Also coldly. Like people were nothing, Nothing at all”.

To the pain and the fear is added the weight of a difficult choice that the doctors ask him: “Listen sir, you have two choices available to you. Either you decide to keep your leg absolutely. years in hospital without necessarily guaranteeing you a result. It could gangrenate and you could be amputated above the knee, or you have your amputation now and you can do almost everything you did before. after a day of reflection, I asked to be amputated “,

Six months of hospitalization will be necessary. Surrounded by relatives, other victims and the Life For Paris association begins a long work of acceptance and resilience.

Learning to walk again when he was a great athlete, going through physiotherapy sessions and massages to forget about his missing leg which made him suffer. Also face the questions that are spinning in her head: “What will become of me? Am I going to keep my job? Will my friend stay with me? Why has this happened to me? do that ?

Professional reality quickly catches up with him. He will no longer be able to exercise his profession as a professional firefighter, contrary to the words of his superiors in the aftermath of the attack. Unfit and injured outside of his working hours, the large fire brigade does not keep him in its midst. Not to mention the endless red tape. “I had to fight. Somehow it’s a little sad but it feels like you have to prove what happened to us. It’s trying,” he regrets.

Kevin is still in compensation. What wears it and animates it today, “is that one day it will be over. At least the administrative side, the super heavy stuff, it will be behind me. Sure, it won’t get me back. not my leg, that will not make me forget what happened to me. But the day when I would have finished all my procedures, when I would have found a job, I could make a new start and start again on a more peaceful basis. “, assures Kevin who would like to leave the Paris region and has started training as a computer graphics designer.

“Why did they act like that? How did they get to this? Why the Bataclan? Why people? Why a concert? I remember, I would come home sobbing, thinking why me? What did I do? Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong? This I told myself over and over again. I’m not a believer, but I said to myself , these are stupid questions that we ask ourselves at that moment: why me? “

Kevin says he is “very angry” and speaks of “an unforgivable act”. “I could live with it but never forgive it,” he said.

The young man will not attend this river trial every day, which will last more than 8 months. He knows the coming months will be trying. He also knows that he will get few answers to the questions he asks himself.

“I expect to see one of the culprits in front of me and at least have some answers. But I don’t have too many ideas because I think that I would never really know why” (…) say that he (editor’s note, Salah Abdeslam the only surviving member of the jihadist commandos of November 13, 2015) has not spoken until today. Unfortunately, it is not for him to speak at the trial. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not kidding myself too much, “he concludes.

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