(Boursier.com) – Néovacs repurchases all of the outstanding share subscription warrants (BSA) associated with the financing program by issuing OCEANE-BSA with a view to their cancellation, in particular in order to avoid a further dilution of its shareholders.

Néovacs bought back all of the BSA issued to the European High Growth Opportunities Securitization Fund (EHGOSF), i.e. 6,381,227,381 BSA in total, for a total amount of 5.3 ME. Crowe HAF acted as an independent expert to assess the fairness of this acquisition price.

The exercise of all of these BSAs could have resulted in the creation of 6,381,227,381 new shares. The participation of a shareholder holding 1% of the capital prior to this exercise would then have been reduced to 0.6%.

In addition, EHGOSF has undertaken to retrocede to Néovacs all of the warrants issued in the event of new OCEANE-BSA drawdowns for a fixed price of 1 euro per tranche. These BSAs will then also be canceled.

No further warrants may be exercised or acquired by EHGOSF under its OCEANE-BSA financing contract and thus dilute the shareholders of Néovacs.

In addition, Néovacs and EHGOSF have agreed to extend the option to call for the withdrawal of tranches (Investor Call) of OCEANE-BSA at the initiative of the subscriber from 15 to 30. To date, EHGOSF can therefore still call the drawdown. of 21 OCEANE-BSA tranches at its sole initiative.

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