We still don’t know who killed Biggie, nor do we know Tupac’s murderer. The two superstars, victims of the East Coast vs. West Coast, were murdered at the height of the rivalry between Bad Boys Records on one side and Deat Row on the other. Since that date, the two label bosses, Diddy on the New York side and Suge Knight on the LA side have been singled out as being the originators of the murders of the two stars. While nothing has ever been proven and speculation is still rife, a former FBI agent has just claimed that Notorious Big was killed on the orders of the boss of Death Row.

On Saturday, May 29, the New York Post published a report into the now 25-year-old case, in which retired FBI agent Phil Carson, who worked on it for two years, reveals he has had under eyes sealed documents confirming Biggie was murdered at the behest of Suge Knight

The murder was allegedly carried out by a man named Amir Muhammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, with the help of corrupt Los Angeles police officers.

“All the evidence points to him. Amir Muhammad pulled the trigger. And there were many people to help him orchestrate his crime and who allowed him to pull the trigger.”

The retired agent goes even further and says this cover-up is “the biggest miscarriage of justice” he has seen in 20 years at the FBI and that no one wanted to listen to him when he voiced his suspicions .

“I had evidence that LAPD agents were involved and I was arrested by the LAPD and City of Los Angeles attorneys.”

Either way, his testimony supports the point of view of producer Don Sikorski and director Brad Furman, who both worked on the 2018 film, “City of Lies” and who, too, have seen the documents Carson is talking about. “All the answers are written in black and white,” Sikorski said.

Carson wanted to go further and the conclusions of his report are unequivocal:

Amir Muhammad, aka Harry Billups, the godfather of two children of LAPD officer David Mack, has been identified by several sources as the shooter. Mack is an owner of a black 1995 Impala SS with chrome wheels, the description exact given as the car being driven by the man who shot Wallace. ”

Already worried at the time, Muhammad and David Mack were cleared of all charges against them.

Everyone now hopes that the investigation file, which is still not closed, will be updated, in view of its latest revelations.

For the record, Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was killed on March 9, 1997 in a shootout in Los Angeles at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and South Fairfax Avenue following the Soul Train Music Awards.

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