Chelsea’s Billy Gilmour will play for Norwich City in the Premier League after a season loan
– Credit: PA

Chelsea’s Billy Gilmour would learn more on the continent than a Premier League stint in Norwich City, claims former AC Milan and Rangers striker Mark Hateley.

Gilmour sealed a loan deal from the Blues last week for a full season after Norwich turned away ardent interest in the Scottish star that allegedly included the chance to return to first Club Rangers.

Hateley has won six league titles at Ibrox in a dominant era and believes Gilmour is the made the wrong call.

“He’s going to blow a lot,” said the retired striker speaking to BBC Sportsound.

“It’s easy for me to say, but if you get the chance, the European To experience football, go and experience it.

“You learn so much in a short amount of time because you leave your comfort zone.

” I wanted him to leave his comfort zone and play in another country.

“Look at (Jude) Belling ham, (Jadon) Sancho how they did it. You can always come back.

“Norwich is really fun for me, it’s a team that is always chasing the game.

” I think they’ll fight again and for me I think he’s a lot more would have benefited from playing.

🗣 “Playing in Europe would get him to the top faster than playing for Norwich.” Billy Gilmour should have gone to Europe, not Norwich, says Mark Hateley, but Gers will find room for Nathan Pattersonhttps: // yyC8Tu84rm

“All the top clubs are made by Billy know because he’ll be a top top player all the way to the top.

“Playing in Europe would get him to the top faster than playing for Norwich.”

Hateley’s former boss, Graeme Souness sounded similar before Gilmour sealed his loan to Norfolk.

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