North Korea wants the world to believe that orphans volunteer in government mines and farms.

The Korean Central News Agency said hundreds of children “with wisdom and courage in the prime of their youth” have chosen to work for the state, “reported the BBC.

The state-run propaganda machine said Thursday,” Dozens of orphans rushed to the coal mining complex in the Chonnae area to fulfill their oath to repay even a millionth of the love they gave Party has shown. “

And on Saturday it was said that 700 orphans had volunteered to work in factories, farms and forests.

Photos released with the statements suggest that the children are teenagers, but possibly younger.

The dictatorship – often referred to as the “Hermit Kingdom” because of its limited relations with the rest of the world – has long been accused of using child slaves for work in state n having used industries. Human Rights Watch and other organizations have detailed long hours, little or no pay, and inhumane conditions in North Korean labor camps. Fatal accidents are common.

Last year, a State Department report on human rights found the country practiced “the worst forms of child labor”.

It is believed that around 26 million people live in North Korea, where conditions are even worse than usual after the sealing of the borders to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country more than a year ago.

The situation in the country is desperate because of the lack of trade. Last month, Chairman Kim Jong Un told a Labor Party meeting that the country was facing its “worst situation ever”.

“The praise for the” wisdom and courage “of these young” volunteers “also makes them role models for the Communist Party,” wrote Laura Bicker of the BBC. “They are idolized for their self-sacrifice.”

Bicker added that the move comes at a time when leader Kim Jong Un is trying to “tackle any disagreement among the country’s youth.”

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