Water is no longer drinkable in Saint-Leu. Its degradation was analyzed by the operator Derichebourg Aqua Ocà © an Indien and the ARS on the site of the water tank located in Maduran in the Hauts of the town.

The ARS concluded on the need to secure the production of water, especially that from the Bras de Cilaos “which could cause gastric disturbances in sensitive people”.

The TCO and the municipality are therefore looking for solutions. A progressive plan broken down into 4 phases:

It is also a complex project, from a technical point of view, which also had to take into account the risks associated with the transfer of skills and more gene. usually in the context of a health crisis. The latter notably led to the liquidation of the company awarded lot 1 and the need to relaunch a consultation. All these conditions led to a shift in the initial schedule. Work will start when construction resumes in January 2022.

The cost of this investment carried by the TCO, with the support of the ERDF and the RÃ © union region, amounts to 14 M â ?? ¬ HT (including 13, 5 M â ?? ¬ HT of works).

To???? a drinking water treatment plant of 9000 m3 / day, scalable to 12,000 m3 / day, a storage tank for treated water of 2000 m3 and the rehabilitation of the existing reservoir in Maduran; â ???? a pumping station and a 1000m3 treated water storage tank (in addition to the existing tank) at Piton 800; â ?? ?? a 1000m3 treated water storage tank (in addition to the existing tank) at Piton 1000; â ???? from a transfer chain for treated water from Maduran to Piton 1000. In all, 195 million euros will be committed between 2021 and 2026 in the water sector and sanitation.

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Ref: https://www.lequotidien.re