While his eighth album entitled “La Cavale” will be unveiled on November 12, Nolwenn Leroy continues to distill a few extracts including “My beautiful corsaire” which was released this Friday, October 29.

After having marked his return with the trainer “Brazil, Finistère”, Nolwenn Leroy offers a gentle ballad and above all filled with love. And for good reason, “Mon beau corsaire” is a song that honors his son. “You are just a freshwater sailor who is hardly afraid of anything” sings the mother, who confides throughout the lyrics of this new extract.

Rather discreet when it comes to talking about her private life, the singer made an exception with this new single which is accompanied by an original clip available on the Youtube platform.

Indeed, through these sequences, we discover a little boy from behind, who runs by the sea. And this one is none other than Marin, the singer’s son born in 2017 and the fruit of his romantic relationship. with the former tennis player, Arnaud Clément.

Ref: https://www.cnews.fr