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Like many artists, Nolwenn Leroy sometimes needs to take time for herself. Four years after the release of his album Gemme, Nolwenn Leroy is back on the music scene. The artist came to present her new album La cavale – scheduled for November 12 – on the airwaves of Chérie Fm explained that she had “needed to take (s) our time, to go to (s) our corner.” A way for her to start “a new cycle” alongside Benjamin Biolay, the author and composer of this opus. These “breaks” during these years allowed him to release a new project and to enjoy his son.

However, when the presenter asks him: “a weekend without Marin, your son, does it heat you or not?”, The answer is not long in coming. “Sometimes a little bit anyway” admits Nolwenn Leroy, “it wouldn’t hurt from time to time a little break.” It is not always easy to carry out your career head-on and take care of a 4-year-old child. However, getting away from his offspring is not easy either, when the singer is far from him, sometimes “I’m sad” but “a little weekend is good!”

During this interview, Nolwenn Leroy also confided to have dedicated a song to his son, Marin, 4 years old. Surprisingly, this album is “very intimate and very personal, whereas it’s the one I didn’t write” explained the 39-year-old artist to Alexandre Devoise and Sophie Coste in Le Réveil Chérie. “It is true that sometimes, it is thanks to writing that we manage to bring out certain emotions, talk about certain subjects, open certain doors …” continues Arnaud Clément’s partner before the ‘animator does not specify: “it is called catharsis.”

The birth of her baby boy on July 13, 2017 called into question the future of her career. After careful consideration, Nolwenn Leroy decided to return to the front of the stage, but well surrounded. Indeed, since her beginnings, the singer has been her own manager. She wore the double hat. Except that the arrival of his son Marin has changed the situation. The artist therefore made the choice to hire two managers to manage his career. And for good reason, the former Star Academy participant explains that she “prefers to spend time with [her son] rather than answering emails.”

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