This Friday, October 29, the fourth season of Captain Marleau continues from 9:10 pm on France 2. On the occasion of the third episode, called Claire Obscure, viewers will be able to discover Nolwenn Leroy’s first steps as an actress. At the microphone of RTL, the singer evokes her admiration for Corinne Masiero, the main actress of the detective series.

“Corinne is a punk,” said Nolwenn Leroy, referring in particular to the episode of the 2021 Caesar ceremony, when the actress arrived on stage dressed in a plush donkey skin, legs and arms covered in fake blood and sanitary tampons as earrings. “What she does, she has the merit of doing it, of shaking up all the codes a little,” added the singer according to whom “we need people like her, she is fabulous”.

The singer revealed in the show Star Academy also believes that Corinne Masiero “does good sometimes” and “has the merit of going fully in its positions”. A “rock’n’roll” character who never leaves the actress. While the latter has a habit of rewriting her dialogues a lot, “one cannot really base oneself on the learned text”, notably observed Nolwenn Leroy during her very first shoot.

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