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Desmond Tutu.


Archbishop Tutu, South Africa’s last surviving Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has died in Cape Town at the age of 90.

The President expresses “on behalf of all South Africans, his deep sorrow over the death on Sunday” of this essential figure in South African history, in a statement.

“The passing of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is a new chapter of mourning in our nation’s farewell to a generation of exceptional South Africans who left us a liberated South Africa,” the president added.

“A man of extraordinary intelligence, upright and invincible against the forces of apartheid, he was also tender and vulnerable in his compassion for those who had suffered oppression, injustice and violence under the apartheid, and for the oppressed and for the oppressors around the world, ”Ramaphosa added.

The Arch, as it was nicknamed by South Africans, had been weakened for several months. He no longer spoke in public but still greeted the cameras on every trip, smiling or glancing mischievously, during his Covid vaccine in a hospital or during the service in Cape Town to celebrate his 90th birthday in October.

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