After Stérimar, chloroquine, ivermectin, virapic … a new drug is mentioned to fight against Covid-19: Vicks Vaporub. And like the previous ones, its use to fight SARS-COV-2 is ruled out by doctors.

The idea comes from Didier Raoult, the famous Marseille professor known for having defended chloroquine treatment against Covid-19. In a video posted on his Youtube channel, an extract of which was posted on Twitter, he wonders.

“The Scientific Council would do better to do useful scientific projects. The number of molecules (…) which have an activity against this virus, which cost nothing and which are harmless are considerable. What are we waiting for? to test them? (…) Is the paraffin, petroleum jelly in the nose that we have in certain products like Vicks, does that prevent contamination by the virus in the nose or not? Does that know? “asks the controversial professor.

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An idea that directly reacted to the company that manufactures the Vicks Vaporub, alerted by a user. “As mentioned on the label, VapoRub should only be applied to the chest and throat for cough relief, and to muscles and joints for muscle soreness. It should not be used under or in the nose, in the throat. mouth or ingested. An oil-based product can enter the lungs if misused, “recalls the company.

Beyond the Vicks Vaporub, the idea of ​​putting paraffin or petroleum jelly in the nose, in addition to being ineffective against Covid-19 infection, can even be dangerous, alert some doctors. Do not breathe paraffin, Vicks Vaporub or self-expanding foam through your nostrils, it does not protect against COVID and it is dangerous (…) the accumulation of lipids of animal or vegetable origin in connection with the Repeated exposure to these products leads to lipid pneumonia leading to irreversible damage, ”writes a cardiologist.

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The Vicks Vaporub is an ointment used in case of colds, to free the respiratory tract. It contains notably turpentine essential oil, levomenthol, eucalyptus essential oil and thymol, and is applied on the neck or on the chest to relieve cold symptoms.

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