For months the Nets had been announcing that they were discussing a contract extension with James Harden, and they had been very confident on the matter, but the deadline passed and the bearded man ultimately did not extend.

He could have extended for $ 161.1 million over 3 years, but until this summer, if he declines his player option, he will be eligible for a much better contract: $ 270 million over 5 years! If he confided recently that it was not a question of money, one would think that this explains his non-extension.

” I am patient. I’ve been through a lot last year, and you want to make sure you have the right frame of mind, knowing that at the end of the day I want to be in Brooklyn for the rest of my career. So there is no rush, I’m having fun. For me it’s not about the money. I’ve known enough teams where we’ve failed. So my mindset, my goal, is to make sure that we can build and continue to build this team so that we can fight for the title for years to come. So it’s not about the money. If you win a title in New York, the money will come. “James Harden

As for Nets owner Joe Tsai, interviewed by the NY Post on the matter, he’s not at all worried that a deal hasn’t been reached.

“Whether it’s now or later, the way I look at it is that he once said, ‘I want to play and end my career in Brooklyn.’ That’s what he said. »Joe Tsai

See you this summer for the Harden case, which will perhaps be much easier to settle than that of Kyrie Irving, who also has a player option and could therefore become free.

Midnight deadline to extend James Harden is past. But the #Nets can still re-sign him after the season. Joe Tsai: “Whether or not its the season now or later, the way I look at it is he’s already said I want to play and finish my career in Brooklyn: He’s actually said that.” #nba

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