A video posted on the Nîmes Olympique twitter account announces the arrival of the club’s new stadium.

While its training center is flooded following thunderstorms in the region, Nîmes unveiled on its official twitter account, the presentation video of its new stadium. The journalist and honorary president of the club, Jean-Jacques Bourdin plays the role of narrator in the video. The new stadium will have a circular rooftop instead of a traditional roof, a bogeda and bars. The stadium itself will be part of a vast sports complex where other cultural activities (futsal …) can take place. The sports arena will be open all week and the income from the activities will be paid into the NO coffers.

Nîmes continues to want to grow. The Costières stadium has been of great service but has had its day. The club must move forward to develop. The project for this stadium, in a large sports complex, takes the club to another dimension.

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