This Sunday, shortly before 8 am, the first runners will set off from the starting line on the Allées Feuchères.

This Sunday, October 17, more than 4,200 runners set off from the Allées Feuchères for the 30, 20 and 10 km races and for the Nîmes urban trail walk. This sixth edition, usually organized in February, had been exceptionally postponed due to the Covid crisis.

This morning, 7 am, under a temperature of ten degrees, in the dark night, the first runners flock in small clusters towards the starting line set up on Feuchères.

Some are quietly waiting warm in the hall of the nearby SNCF station. While the security agents exchange, others, bibs stuck on the torso, begin to warm up before taking place around 8 am in an airlock and leaving for 30 km of effort, discovery of local heritage and of the crazy atmosphere of Nut.

The departures of the various races will be from 7.45 am to 10.30 am Participants will first cross the arena track before climbing to the roof of the Musée de la Romanité, the great novelty, to descend and exit by the gardens and along the old ramparts. The route then leaves towards the north of the city and its first difficulties.

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