Nevermind, the second studio album by the group Nirvana, was released on September 24, 1991. This opus was a huge success thanks to its first single “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Years later, he continues to be talked about, especially because of his cover. On it, we can see a naked baby in a swimming pool, swimming towards a ticket.

Today this baby is 30 years old and he has decided to pursue Nirvana. The man photographed for this artwork is called Spencer Elden. When this image was taken, he was only 4 months old.

According to CBS News, he filed a complaint against the members of the group for child pornography.

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Spencer Elden filed his lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court. He explains in particular that his “identity and name are forever linked to the commercial sexual exploitation he suffered as a minor, which has been distributed and sold all over the world from his childhood until today. . »Note that on the cover, we can clearly see his genitals.

The complaint states that the defendants “knowingly produced, owned and disseminated material which promotes child pornography and which features Spencer.” According to the complainant, the defendants did nothing to protect him and prevent the spread of this image.

The photo showing Spencer Eldern was chosen by the late Kurt Cobain, frontman of the group. In her complaint, Spencer explains that she portrayed “a sex worker grabbing a ticket. He goes on to say that his parents did not give the group any permission to use the photo.

The snapshot that became Nevermind’s cover art was taken at the Pasadena Aquatic Center in 1990.

“To make sure the cover was going to elicit a visceral sexual response in audiences, photographer Kirk Weddle activated Spencer’s gag reflex before putting him underwater in a pose that showcases his exposed genitals,” underlines the complaint.

Spencer Elden asks that the 17 accused each pay him $ 150,000 in damages. Among them are the former members of the group.