Ninho had warned his audience: there will be no project this year, the next one will be for 2022. After MILS 3, his mixtape certified triple platinum by the SNEP, the artist has decided to take time to savor the fruits of its success, but also to work on new music. If recent statements are to be believed, he is currently in the process of developing his album. Between two recordings at the studio, the rapper from the Paris region made a promise to his fans on Instagram: “Notice to the rest of the world my album will be the best. “

Very ambitious, Ninho intends to hit even harder than before. A few hours later, he was taken at his word by Booba, his counterpart who often showed him marks of respect. In story on Instagram, he wanted to answer his younger brother. “We wish you and we will do better after,” he said.

What if this message meant that finally, the Duke of Boulogne will soon release an eleventh album, thus coming out of his retirement on the format announced over and over again?

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