Fate hit the Lakers and Anthony Davis paid the price again last night. The interior could not last more than a quarter and had to join the locker room after nine minutes of play, due to persistent back pain which forced him to undergo treatment during the meeting, Los Angeles being expected tonight in Portland.

“My ankle turned but it didn’t bother me. However, my back was severely blocked. We will see how it evolves tomorrow. We’ll test that, but it should be okay tomorrow. It’s my goal to play tomorrow, “he said after the game lost to the Clippers (118-94). “There is no specific action that caused this back pain. It’s just that during the first time-out and then the second I felt he was blocking more and more. And when I came out at the end of the first quarter, it wasn’t going well at all. “

To make matters worse, Anthony Davis also twisted his ankle upon hitting the scorer’s table, a seemingly inconsequential accident.

“I was saying just before the game that the scorer’s table was really close to the pitch. And I ended up tripping over it and twisting my ankle a bit. But the ankle is fine, I have no problem with it. I know it doesn’t look pretty but it hasn’t completely turned out and it’s okay, “he added.

“No matter if we have to go through the play-ins or not, we are ready to face everyone”

As hardships mount for the California franchise and the play-in has become a very real threat, Anthony Davis is trying to stay positive.

“We must continue to fight. We know what kind of team we are when we are at 100%. We saw it at the start of the season, we are one of the best teams in the league. So we keep that in mind. We know that a lot is happening and that the players will not be 100%. LeBron (James) may still have a week to go, Dennis (Schroder) maybe 5-6 days. But when everyone is healthy and we get to the play-offs, we know what we’ll be able to do and what kind of team we are. It doesn’t matter if we have to go through the play-ins or not, we are ready to face everyone. But I can’t wait to be healthier again. “

It remains to be seen whether Anthony Davis will indeed be on the court tonight in Oregon after a two-hour flight that should not help his back.

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