Another day, another record When Novak Djokovic lost the opening set to a ruthless Italian attack, he raised a few eyebrows. Matteo announced his arrival in the match, pocketing the first set with a relentless attack.

However, with history on the line, the world number 8 needed a lot more to come out on top. Aiming for the resurrection, Novak started the second set and played what he said was his best tennis at the US Open so far.

In a full game, he beat Matteo and reached the semi-finals. Notably, with this victory, Novak marked a fifth season which saw him reach the semi-finals of the 4 grand slams, namely the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon championship and the US Open.

By reaching this stage, he places himself at the top of the list, alongside Roger Federer, a member of the “Big 3” Novak has prepared to face an opponent he does not want to remember.

The man on a mission would now meet Olympic gold medalist Alexander Zverev. Novak Djokovic managed to take revenge on his loss in Tokyo. In his lifestyle, Novak seemed unstoppable as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics approached.

Regardless, the young German Alexander Zverev was not afraid of the Serbian’s stature. When the two ATP stars met in Tokyo, Alexander rocked the sports world by knocking out the Golden Slam favorite.

Nicolas Mahut recently spoke on the GOAT debate, arguing for Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer for different reasons. “We are entering a very sensitive subject because we must first see the definition of GOAT: what it represents, according to the ranking, it is obvious that Djokovic would be (the GOAT) if he was not already. “said Mahut.

“If we just look at the pure statistics, he has more weeks as number 1, he will have the most Slams or be at least tied. The face to face with Federer and Nadal, it is positive against the two.

If you look at the numbers and statistics, obviously in terms of records, Djokovic would be the greatest. “Nicolas Mahut cited the example of legendary golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to explain that the greatest is not always the one who has the best numbers.

“Like in golf, for example, Tiger Woods had more of an impact than Nicklaus,” Mahut explained. “Still, Jack Nicklaus has a better track record than him. Maybe Djokovic is stronger because he came to a time when Federer and Nadal were already there,” said Mahut.

“That’s what he managed to do very well because he was very far behind. Quite frankly, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to decide. Obviously, if you look at the pure numbers, the charts will speak for itself. favor of Novak. “

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