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Nicola Coughlan was named one of the best dressed stars at the Golden Globes. Photo: Nicola Coughlan / Instagram

Ciara O’Loughlin

A podcast host said she would not apologize for calling Nicola Coughlan “fat” after the Derry Girls star hit the host back for calling her a “fat girl in Bridgerton”.

At the virtual Golden Globes awards ceremony on Sunday, the Irish actress donned a yellow dress with a black cardigan around the collar.

Although Amanda Richards from Big Calf Podcast was named one of the best-dressed stars at the coveted awards ceremony, she appeared to be grappling with the Bridgerton star.

On Twitter, she wrote: “The fat girl from Bridgerton wears a black girl at the Golden Globes Cardigan.

“Bc, no matter how hot and stylish you are, if you are a fat girl there will always be a black cardigan that you want to wear, then decide against it he’ll end up wearing bc as you see fit. “

Nicola hit the podcast host back and replied to the tweet:” I thought the cardigan looked good. Molly Goddard used them on her runway with the clothes that came up with the idea. I also have a name. “

The fat girl from Bridgerton wears a black cardigan to the Golden Globes, no matter how hot and stylish you are. If you are a fat girl there will always be a black cardigan that you want to wear and then you decide against it but ultimately you wear bc you feel like you have to

After Amanda however by the fans The Galway Native had a phone call, she said she would not apologize for using the word fat.

In a tweet she said, “Nicola Coughlan is fine. She replied to my tweet long before most. She declared her autonomy in her election and called me out because I did not use her name. She will now continue to be a successful, interesting dope-style person regardless of what a writer had to say on Twitter.

“And yeah, it sucks that I didn’t use her name and it does I’m sorry I made that choice. But I’m not going to apologize for using the word fat. Always. “

The Irish actress has spoken openly about how actors are judged on their bodies, and Republished an article on social media on Monday that she wrote about her experience.

She shared the article, writing, “Can we please stop asking women about their weight in interviews, especially if it’s totally irrelevant is?

“I see a lot of interviews from 10 years ago where people say,” Oh, weren’t the questions so inappropriate? “Unfortunately, that still happens.

” Every time I’m asked about my body in an interview, I feel deeply uncomfortable and so sad that I can’t just talk about the job I’m doing, that I love so much.

“It’s so reductive for women when we make great strides in the diversity of the arts, but questions like these just pull us back.

” Besides, and I mean that so nicely As much as possible, I’m not a body positivity activist, I’m an actor I would lose or gain weight if an important role were required. “My body is the tool I use to tell stories, not what I use to define myself. “

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