While the reboot project of the cult series of the 90s seems to be aborted, Nicholas Brendon is in trouble with the law. As a reminder, the actor played Alexander Harris, the heroine’s sidekick. Although he has attempted to revive his past glory, he is attracting more attention from the authorities. His recent arrest in Indiana for tampering with prescriptions is proof of that. Indeed, the star of Buffy the vampire slayer wanted to get drugs at all costs. Suddenly, he had used false documents. According to information gathered by TMZ and People, the police faced a nervous person during the stop.

In his car, the fifty-year-old showed obvious signs that he had committed a crime. Inevitably, the agents suspected something. In addition to giving out false identity papers, he confessed to taking non-prescription medication. According to reports, the actor allegedly consumed amphetamines. As a result, he is charged with prescription fraud. The photo taken at the station shows how unrecognizable Nicholas Brendon was with his long graying hair and beard.

Nicholas Brendon has since been released and so far his lawyer has not revealed anything about the details of this case. It must be noted that Xander’s interpreter is not at his first run-in with the law. In 2015, he was convicted of domestic violence. On parole, the actor had to meet a three-year probation period. That same year, he faced three arrests and several times in rehab.

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