Twenty-four hours later, the Nice-OM incidents continue to make people talk. In the program “Rothen ignites”, this Monday on RMC, Eric Di Meco estimated that the post-covid society is “sick”. “We need national therapy. A year and a half without supporters and from the first day of the championship, a guy gets a bottle. There is a metastasis in football. what we experience in society. ” While the two clubs must go before the disciplinary committee of the LFP, the sanctions will be closely scrutinized and impact the progress of the next meetings.

“What emerges from this story will allow football to move forward or to run straight into a wall, observes Di Meco. People are going to have to make a decision and they will surely punish both sides. Very strong, or maybe not for that matter. They will be the ones to take responsibility. You can imagine anything. “

Before continuing: “If we do not take the right decisions, gangrene will flourish in football. I think we will have to hit both sides. There are components, with a Prefect and delegates from the League There is a decision to be made. If it is very lax, it will be open doors in all stadiums. There are policies who are there to handle the problems of the company “.

Nice-OM incidents live: a Nice supporter suspected of having hit Payet in police custody

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