Regarding the fate of the match, and as indicated by Jacques Cardoze the director of communication of OM live in After Foot on Wednesday, OM hoped in the event. Ideally, the jurisprudence of the Bastia-OL match in 2017 should apply with the match won on the green carpet for OM. Lyon then had the match won when the meeting was stopped after the pitch was invaded by Corsican supporters.

The Marseille club would have liked the decision of the disciplinary committee to be even stronger in terms of exemplary character – but the decision to see this match be replayed on neutral ground and behind closed doors has all the same partly reassured the Marseille leaders. It was an option that was considered very early on within the Olympian club. But doubt gripped the OM leadership on Tuesday night when rumors of a game freeze (no points distributed) had taken hold. magnitude in the press.

OM, on the other hand, is very upset and annoyed by the sanction against Alvaro Gonzalez. The Spanish defender was upset and nervous when he learned of the sanction, feeling he was paying for others and being the scapegoat for this matter. OM can appeal the decision concerning Alvaro, but the club are giving themselves a period of reflection as this would involve a lengthy process before the higher appeal committee. of the FFF, without guarantee of result. The atmosphere was still relatively serene in the private plane that brought the Olympian delegation back to Provence, with a relaxed and often smiling Jorge Sampaoli.

Within the Marseille club, we note all the same that the sanctions against OGC Nice would have deserved to be even heavier, but that they are not trivial. The withdrawal of two points, one of which was suspended, and the closed session prove that it is primarily the Nice club which is guilty, according to OM.

The Olympian club finally underlines that these long discussions in the disciplinary committee have shed light on the pressure received by Benoît Bastien to resume the match. The referee repeated: he did not want to continue the match. The intervention of the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes, concerned about disturbing public order in the event of the match being stopped, was mentioned. The debates made it possible to explain that it is above all the LFP, via Benjamin Viard the director of competitions, who insisted on Benoît Bastien to resume the meet.