Superb performance of the red lantern which is essential for the championship runner-up for his second victory of the season! First rough, the Aiglons were then imprecise in the second act. On Sunday, Rennes will have the opportunity to become second in Ligue 1.

The Metz piston suffers from a cramp and is asked to temporarily leave the field for treatment. FC Metz wins a few seconds.

Set back in the area, the Nice midfielder manages to take over Claude-Maurice’s cross in one touch but his gesture lacks accuracy and still ends up close.

Served by a cross from Dante, Delort again takes the ball from the head in an ideal position but his attempt dies at the foot of the right post!

But the strike from the new entrant is deflected and ends just above the opposing goal. The next corner is dismissed by Oukidja.

Claude-Maurice enters instead of Lotomba for the last minutes. The Nice coach throws his last offensive forces.

Taking advantage of a misunderstanding in the defense of Nice, the new entrant sends a powerful shot on the right side. It went over Benitez’s goal.

TO?? Receiving a cross from Da Cunha, the Danish striker does not adjust his head in the middle of the box. It is above.

Full of spontaneity, the young midfielder does not ask a question and tries his luck directly in front of the surface. It’s unscrewed and to the right of the Metz goal.

Gueye and Traorà © replace De Prà © ville and Pajot for Metz. On the Nice side, Da Cunha takes the place of Kluivert.

The Dutchman’s distant and off-center attempt passed over Oukidja’s goal, less and less calm.

The French international comes very close to equalizing! In a pivot position at the entrance to the surface, he opens the way to the goal but crosses his shot too much.

While Nice was still on the attack, the game is stopped because goalscorer Messin suffers from the foot. He got walked on by Delort.

Small lack of communication without consequence in the Lorraine area. Oukidja grabs the ball in two stages, despite the embarrassing presence of his partner.

Lemina, Rosario and Stengs are replaced by Schneiderlin, Thuram and Dolberg. TO?? Metz, Niane leaves for the benefit of Joseph.

De Prà © ville recovers a precious foul in front of Dante when he had just regained the ball. Metz can finally breathe.

75% possession of the ball for the Gym in the second act, but that is still not enough to really worry the Lorrainers.

Defender Metz seems to have injured his calf when he comes back after having made a mistake in the midfield.

New attempt from the Dutch midfielder, on a cunning center-shot very close to surprising the Metz goalkeeper, who slams for a corner.

Despite the Aiglons’ insistence in this second act, FC Metz remains very well in place and ultimately little endangered, like this new corner rejected by Kouyaté.

Full axis, the azure midfield takes its chance but clearly lacks balance. His shot ends well above Oukidja’s goal.

First overtaken by Delaine on the left, the central defender of the Gym recovers the ball in his area thanks to a perfect body game.

De Prà © ville wipes out three players and strides into the opposing camp. He sends a caviar to Niane, who lacks lucidity and is countered in the area.

Kluivert gets a corner after a deflected cross that ends just above the crossbar. It doesn’t work.

The ball has not left the Metz camp since the resumption of play. Pushed by its public, Nice accelerates and approaches the goal of Oukidja.

Stengs takes his responsibilities on the free kick with a center-shot slammed by the Lorraine goalkeeper.

The referee of the meeting finally decided that the fault took place outside the box and whistles a free kick for the Gym.

Held by Pajot’s arm just entering the box, Delort and the Allianz Riviera demand the penalty for this gesture. After several seconds, Mr Letexier walks up to his screen to view the images!

Galtier’s men have scored only 3 goals in the first period since September, the worst total in the championship with Montpellier and Saint-Etienne.

“The plan we put in place works but in the last few minutes, we have stepped back too far, believes Pajot at the microphone of Canal. We are well in defense, we had to exploit the blocks. We try to go through the sides. Fabien is at the origin (of the goal) and finds himself in front. We are going to the end of our efforts, we must continue like that “.

“Since the start of the season we have had trouble starting our matches, explains Delort at the microphone of Canal. We know that they are attacking well and going fast. We got trapped while the coach had shown us this kind of action. We lack success, we will try to come back well and win. I think we will get shaken (at the break) “.

The Gym is logically led to the break against the last of the championship! Full of accuracy, Centonze punished the Niçois at the half-hour mark.

Huge stop by the Metz goalkeeper in front of his compatriot Delort, author of an almost perfect head at point blank range, at the reception of a center of Stengs. The first chance of the match for Nice!

TO?? Receiving a free kick from Kluivert, Gouiri manages to strike off balance in the middle of the box. But his attempt is stopped by Bronn, and the Metz defense can pull out.

After a fault by Nguette on Lemina, spirits are heated on the lawn. M. Letexier quickly puts an end to this collective anger, without adding cardboard.

New card in this meeting after an offensive foul by Stengs to annihilate a block. Just before, Delort collapsed into the box and demanded a penalty.

Not without being scared, the Nice goalkeeper recovered the ball in two stages from a Metz corner. He raises very quickly towards Stengs who initiates a clearing.

The Dutch winger had made a good start to the match but his liveliness was not enough in a Nice attack lacking a benchmark.

Once again, OGC Nice finds itself behind in Ligue 1. But this is only deserved for the Gym, far too timid to hope for better in this first act.

Shifted by Centonze, De Prà © ville has plenty of time to focus on the right side for his passer, who cuts the line at the near post to crucify Benitez.

Already 11 fouled fouls since the kick-off. The Gym succeeds in sequence to approach the Lorraine goal without being dangerous, Metz tries by the corridors while taking advantage of a certain laxity in the pressing.

De Prà © ville hits a free kick to the right after an enormous foul in that opening period. Misunderstanding Metz on the edge of the area and Nice recovers the ball.

Perfectly served by Stengs in depth, Gouiri was taken over at the last moment by Kouyaté, with authority. The flag finally rises.

After a superb deviation from Delort, Stengs collapsed at the corner of the Metz area. Despite the bronca, M. Letexier lets play.

One more warning in this chopped match. Late, Delort violently hits Pajot on the ground. The veteran milieu clenched its teeth and rose to its feet.

Bard gets the first corner of the match in a start that is still fairly calm. Kouyaté keeps his head safe.

The Malian striker collapses all alone in his box before the Niçois free kick is struck. He receives the intervention of his caretakers before getting up.

New warning for the Messins. Jemerson already collects a card for a foul on Delort, who spun against on the right side.

Superb appeal of the right piston of FC Metz which overflows and centers back. Nice came out with a superb tackle from defender Dante.

TO?? the image of this Bard foul on Pajot after a loss of ball, the Aiglons have difficulty approaching the truth zone and are quite clumsy.

Little by little, the visitors manage to keep the ball in the opposing camp and pose real problems in the Gym’s midfield.

After a soft pass from Pajot, the Algerian striker recovers the ball in the opposing last 30 meters and rushes to arm a shot, which ends well above.

Beautifully served by the center of De Prà © ville on the right, Niane finds himself absolutely alone in the heart of the surface. However, his header went over Benitez’s goal.

Dangerous free kick after a gross foul by Pajot on the Nice left side. Stengs finds the head of Delort, who cannot turn off the ball.

Kluivert accelerates on his left side and searches for Gouiri at the entrance to the box. The messin piston tackles to intercept and relieve his defense.

The Metz midfielder held back Lemina roughly by the size and logically scooped the first card of the meeting.

In very small spaces, Stengs looks for Gouiri in the area, whose heel gives nothing. Metz recovers a free kick.

Bronn’s first long balloon bound for Niane. Despite the quality of the pass, the Metz striker failed to control in the box.

Last minute change in the Lorraine ranks: Maïga will not start the match in the end and will be replaced by Pajot in the midfield.

The red lantern of the championship has won only 2 of its last 25 Ligue 1 games, for 9 draws and 14 losses. These two successes took place in Dijon in May (5-1) and in Brest in September (2-1).

Suspended in Clermont, the Nice captain had been replaced by Daniliuc. He returns to his position as left axial defender this evening.

FC Metz is warned: Nice is the team that hits the most on goal after a counter-attack (12 shots). The presence of Gouiri, but also those of Kluivert and Stengs, should not help the Lorraine defense.

OGC Nice has lost only once in its last ten receptions of the Garnets (6 wins, 3 draws). But it was during the last clash, in February (2-1).

If Metz presents the worst defense of the championship tied with Bordeaux (30 goals conceded), the Lorraine club takes advantage of a particularly valuable Kouyat to ward off the danger. The Malian defender averages 6.4 clearances per game, the best total for a Ligue 1 player this season.

Many changes in Nice compared to the victory in Clermont last Sunday (2-1). Dutch wingers Kluivert and Stengs make their appearance in the eleven while Thuram in the midfield or Dolberg in tip start the meeting on the bench.

The Gym will be deprived this evening of Bambu, injured, as well as Atal and Guessand, still in the recovery phase. For their part, the Garnets will fly without their playing manager Boulaya, suspended after having excluded against Bordeaux. Cabit and Udol are also injured for the visitors.

Second in the championship behind PSG with one point ahead of Rennes and Lens, held in check this Friday against Angers (1-1), and three over OM, Nice has the opportunity to come off this Saturday night. For this, Galtier’s men must beat a FC Metz in great difficulty who has won only one match this season. This unbalanced poster will kick off at 9 p.m. at the Allianz Riviera.