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Does it make sense to celebrate the feast of Christ the King during COVID-19? asked Bishop Anton Teuma during the diocesan celebration of Christ the King in Gozo.

As yesterday the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Christ the King, the Bishop of Gozo Anton Teuma celebrated Mass in the Shrine of Our Lady of Ta’Pinu in Għarb. That was Mgr. Teuma’s first message since taking on the role of Bishop of Gozo.

In his homily, the bishop asked if it would make sense to celebrate the feast of Christ the King at a time when the whole world is in a pandemic, explaining that it depends on what is expected. The bishop explained that if Jesus is expected to stop Covid-19 and heal all the sick so that everyone can get on with their lives, then this festival makes no sense because despite prayers there were still people who lost their lives.

Bishop Teuma emphasized that God loves everyone because everyone is his child, adding that there is a need to learn from the pandemic. He said that at this moment one can take the opportunity to get to know “Christ the King of Covid”. . Mgr. Teuma thought about how people became aware of their weaknesses and how little control they have over everything.

“We can also see that we are people in need. We can learn to be true to ourselves. We are weak people, ”said the bishop. He added that this leads us to realize the fact that we need things from God and that no one can survive alone. The bishop warned of the danger of exaggerated individualism using the example of abortion, which “on the basis of the individuality of the mother is ready to sacrifice the individuality of the child. ”

Mgr. Teuma also spoke about the need for the family to be a value that can save us from human selfishness. He added that the attention and care family members are showing to one another at this point in the pandemic is evidence of this. “Without our noticing, the pandemic has increased interest and love for our families. We have rediscovered our family as a gift, a gift from God. We realized that families protect us and keep us safe from danger. Our families have used caution to reduce our risk of getting sick. ”

“If there is this Christian love among us, those who have lost their jobs eat with those who haven’t, so there is no need to sacrifice someone’s life to keep the economy going. When there is no Christian love, the fear of not having enough for me or of losing my income outweighs even the value of your life. ”

The bishop finished by repeating the meaning of the gospel of the Last Judgment broadcast by the Church on Christ the King: “King Jesus judges from his throne on the cross the life of each of us in the time of Covid. ”

For this celebration, the Gozitan pastors, physically present in the basilica and in a gesture in which they approached to collect a white stole from the altar, under the image of the crucifix, renewed their commitment to the communities, who serve on the model of Christ.

The stole worn in celebration of the Holy Liturgy is a symbol of service to the common good, where shepherds accept the same yoke of Jesus and learn from him, pray for the people and proclaim the gospel of the kingdom and administer the sacraments.

This celebration ended with a moment of prayer at the feet of Our Lady of Ta’Pinu for the Church and all people.

Christ the King

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