The more weeks that go by in the NFL, the more it becomes questionable whether there is a real top-flight contender who will ever stand out from the crowd.

Every time a team seems to reach the top of the mountain, it immediately falls back to earth without a parachute.

The most recent example is that of the Cardinals. Two weeks ago, they seemed invincible. They had just won two games without their leader, quarterback Kyler Murray. Then, there were two successive defeats against the Rams and … Lions!

This end of the course has airs of déjà vu for the Cardinals, who finished last season with a 3-6 record in their last nine games after a hot start, only to miss the playoffs.

Barring a disaster, the Cardinals won’t miss their chance this time around, but suddenly the fight for the top of their division is rekindled with the Rams and nothing is going well.

The Cards, deprived of their receiver DeAndre Hopkins for the rest of the regular season, must now face the Colts, Cowboys and Seahawks. It’s far from out of pocket!

The Packers, meanwhile, added a win, but of hardship and misery against the Ravens completely decimated by accumulating injuries. The defense looked bad against backup quarterback Tyler Huntley. They must be considered the team to beat right now, but they are not unreachable either.

The Cowboys also recorded another victory, but then again, something is wrong. The defense continues to play at a high level, but it helps when the last three quarterbacks faced are Trevor Siemian, Taylor Heinicke and Mike Glennon.

And meanwhile, the offense continues to be neutral with three touchdowns in 11 possessions in the pay zone over the past two weeks.

In the evening, it was the Buccaneers who in turn demonstrated in a 9-0 loss to the Saints that they are far from infallible. Yes, the offense was unrecognizable without receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, in addition to forward Leonard Fournette who also fell in battle. It will be a situation to watch.

In the American conference, a similar parity strikes. In the past few weeks, the Patriots seemed to be heading straight for glory, but Saturday’s loss to the Colts reminded them that they also have shortcomings, especially in run defense.

Casually, the Bills won and the duel between the two teams next week will give the winner the first place in the East Division.

The North Division is completely crazy with four teams who have realistic chances of making the playoffs, with winning records.

In the South, the Titans are unable to produce offensively and the slide continues with three losses in four games. The cushion in front of the Colts is shrinking from week to week.

The Chiefs are excelling in the West now. But as soon as a team’s praises are sung, it turns into swan song!

So there is not a team in total control that outrageously dominates. This is exactly what the NFL wants.

Thursday’s victory, combined with losses for the Patriots and the Titans, propels the Chiefs to number one in the American conference. Unbelievable, when you consider that this team was showing a 3-4 record seven weeks ago.

His performance took place on Saturday, and it is impossible to ignore it. With 170 rushing yards against the Patriots, the Colts forward reminded that he must be considered in the race for the title of MVP.

Incredible but true, the Bengals are currently number one in the AFC North Division due to their victory and loss to the Ravens. This division of four clubs with winning records will be thrilling to follow through to the end.

The Steelers linebacker was even with five tackles, 1.5 quarterback sacks and a fumble recovery, in addition to hitting Ryan Tannehill three times. Watt is constantly disturbing and the counter now shows 17.5 bags.

The victory gave the Packers the NFC North Division Championship, and they became the first team to officially qualify for the playoffs.

Not only did they lose to the Lions, they were never involved. This team seemed on top of the world two weeks ago and has been imploding ever since. Disturbing …

The Giants backup quarterback was still atrocious with three interceptions. If this guy was a doctor and made so many mistakes, his right to practice would quickly be revoked. There are certainly some great garage leagues out there for him.

Okay, the Titans are critically short on offensive ammo, but that’s no excuse for the four turnovers, including three dropped balls. The Colts are now heating up the Titans in the South Division.

Even relieved of the heaviness of the Urban Meyer case, the Jaguars were unable to look good against the Texans. There is something to be completely disheartened about this third-rate team.

If the playoffs started today, the Ravens wouldn’t be in it. Quite a tumble for this team which continues to fight energetically despite tons of injuries.

Steelers cornerback Joe Haden returned to the game after a four-week absence. And what a return! On the last play of the game for the Titans, on a fourth try, he joined wide receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine by tackling him perfectly just before the scorer in the first game. The perfect execution allowed the Steelers to s’ ensure victory. Earlier, he also recovered a fumble that then allowed the Steelers to level the score at 13 to 13. It’s hard to ask for more for a return to the game.

In the duel between the Texans and the Jaguars, Tremon Smith was responsible for the most spectacular play with a punt return of 98 yards for a touchdown. It was the first touchdown for the Texans on a kickoff return since Oct. 4, 2009. Kick-return touchdowns are no longer common and it was only a sixth occurrence this season. A great moment for the cornerback who has been walking between Kansas City, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Indianapolis and Houston since 2018.

Long live the touchdowns of big men! Especially when they come in important moments, as was the case for Christian Wilkins against the Jets. In a hotly contested game, the big tackle caught a one-yard pass from Tua Tagovailoa to register his second career touchdown. In a seven-point victory, that game changed everything and provided the Dolphins with a sixth straight victory. And what about his celebration worm dance!

In Denver, a disturbing scene arose in the third quarter. Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater fled the pressure in his pocket to try for a run. The game ended in a true glide and the landing on the ground left Bridgewater completely stunned. The pivot was then transported on a stretcher, while medics took care to remove its face shield. He left the stadium to the crowd shouting “Teddy, Teddy, Teddy”. Prompt recovery.

The Ravens made headlines by losing to the Steelers on a failed two-point conversion, rather than attempting a punt to force overtime. Yesterday, after a touchdown by quarterback Tyler Huntley that put the Ravens one point closer to the Packers, head coach John Harbaugh adopted the same strategy again and the conversion fell through again. Worst of all, even with a success, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had 42 seconds left, plus a timeout, to regain the lead.