Guest of Touche not at my post this Tuesday, September 7, Christian Clavier gave himself to a real show throughout the show. And he took the opportunity to scratch a few colleagues, and particularly the headliners of the last Caesar ceremony …

When Christian Clavier is invited from Touche not to my post, it is better to be in good shape to follow him! Regularly invited to the set of Cyril Hanouna, the star actor of Les Bronzés (among others) therefore held the symbolic position of “editor-in-chief of the program” on Tuesday, September 7. A role that has earned her many questions from chroniclers about her current affairs, her desires… Isabelle Morini-Bosc, for example, wanted to know if the presentation of the Caesar could interest her. And the least we can say is that no one was disappointed with the response!

“Ah well that, I would like very much! Especially since the last show was really very successful, so there… When something is successful, obviously we want to rush into it! It’s obvious!” replica Christian Clavier tit for tat. A scathing response, which will also cause a giggle from the host of C8, who will get into his game: “You want to give a little help!” “Yes! You say to yourself it’s so good, why not meet up! Next time, you come in with a garbage bag on your head, and you throw garbage on yourself!” continues the actor of What we did to the good Lord, the third installment of which is scheduled for next February.

The attack obviously refers to the ceremony last March, which caused controversy, by its tone, but also because of the “performance” of Corinne Masiero, naked on stage to criticize the cultural policy of the government. An episode which had in particular cringe the teeth of Minister Roselyne Bachelot … But all was not mockery and second degree Tuesday evening on the set of TPMP, especially when Christian Clavier wanted to evoke the memory of one of his idols, Jean -Paul Belmondo, who died this Monday, September 6, and to whom he paid a vibrant tribute. One of his biggest regrets? Not having been able to tour with Bébel.

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