Press release from UEFA, the Spanish, Italian, English Football Associations, the Premier League, La Liga and Lega Serie A

UEFA Union of European Football Associations

04/19/2021 10:30:00

UEFA, the English Football Association and the Premier League, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and LaLiga, as well as the Italian Football Association (FIGC) and the Lega Serie A have learned that a few English, Spanish and Italian clubs are reportedly planning to announce the creation of a closed competition known as the Super League.

Should this happen, we would like to remind you that we – UEFA, English Association, RFEF, FIGC, the Premier League, LaLiga, Lega Serie A, but also FIFA and all our member associations – will remain united in the aim of putting a end to this cynical project, a project based on the personal interests of a small number at a time when society is more than ever in search of solidarity.

We will consider all possible remedies, at all levels, legal as well as sporting, in order to prevent this. Football is based on open competitions and sporting merit; it cannot be otherwise.

As previously announced by FIFA and the six confederations, the clubs concerned will be banned from participating in any other competition at national, European or world level, and their players may be be denied the opportunity to represent their national team.

We thank clubs from other countries, especially French and German clubs, who refused to take part in this project. We call on football lovers, supporters and politicians, to join us in fighting against such a project, if it comes to fruition. This persistent concern of a few for their sole interest has lasted too long. Enough is enough.