It is an incredible discovery that leaves all the inhabitants of this small town of Brignay in Charente-Maritime speechless. A young woman lived in confinement for three years, locked up by her mother and sister in connection with a strange religious rite. The 25-year-old victim managed to escape. His mother and sister were indicted and imprisoned.

The story goes back to the night of August 24, in the center of this village of 400 inhabitants, the young woman manages to escape and takes refuge with neighbors. Dirty and hungry, she tells her story. Residents are in shock, no one knew his wives, except the victim’s older sister, who ran in the municipal elections, alone on her list.

“We know everyone, when someone is not there, we worry so we talk to the neighbors. The house being closed, we were far from suspecting that this was happening,” says a resident. . “I thought it was an abandoned house, to think that we passed a person and that we could not come to help him, it is sad,” continues another local resident.

Alain, meanwhile, lived 60 meters from the house, he is one of the three people who alerted the gendarmes a year ago because he heard suspicious noises: “How come no one intervened before? I heard calls for help, ”he laments. One thing is certain, as to illustrate her total disconnection from the real world, the young girl asked the gendarmes when they saw them why they wore a mask on their face.

Weather – Nearly two months of rain fell in Agen on Wednesday, September 8th. A first in the region according to Météo France. Five departments are still in orange vigilance.

Trial of the November 13 attacks – The first day in Paris was marked by provocations from Salah Abdeslam, who complained that the defendants were being treated “like dogs”, a few hours after having launched in court that he did not There was no god but Allah.

Employment – The threshold of one million job offers has been exceeded today in France, a record figure. As the economy picks up, the candidates are missing. The catering and health sectors are particularly affected.

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