In Zandvoort, the tone is again raised between the two pilots of the team Haas Photo Xavi Bonilla / DPPI

“Between these two, it’s going to end badly”. In comments, Julien Febreau sums up the situation perfectly. Mick Schumacher and his teammate Nikita Mazepin have been in the spotlight again this weekend, and not for the right reasons. After a dangerous maneuver by the two drivers during Q1, blocking Sebastian Vettel’s car, the two teammates did it again on the first lap.

Wanting to stay ahead of the German driver at all costs, Mazepin was guilty of a dangerous maneuver on the long straight. In the face of this unorthodox conduct, Mick Schumacher said he was “very angry”. “He wants to be in front of me at all costs, and that’s okay, I’m okay with it. But, I think if we get to the point where we are defending very aggressively against a teammate where you have nothing to gain, then I think that’s not the right approach. “

It’s an early finish for Nikita Mazepin – he becomes the first driver to retire at Zandvoort today 👀 # DutchGP 🇳🇱 # F1

For his part, Nikita Mazepin said he was “upset”, even if the Russian believes he has nothing to be ashamed of. “My job is to drive and I don’t feel like I’m driving enough these last few racing weekends. Fortunately, I don’t feel guilty which is one thing to keep in mind, but I had a good race, had a very good first lap. “

Asked after the race about the incidents, the director of Haas kicks in touch. According to Günther Steiner, there is “not just one person to blame for this”. Still according to the Italian manager, the team is already looking to the next Grand Prix. “The plan is to meet before Monza and see what we need to do to prevent this in the future, because it doesn’t help anyone. I’ve tried to explain it and we’ll work on it until the problem is resolved. “

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