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December 28, 2021 at 05:44 PM

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China confined tens of thousands of additional people on Tuesday, as the country faces a record number of COVID-19 contaminations within 40 days of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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The city of Xi’an (north), famous for the underground army of the first emperor of China, was subjected Tuesday to a sixth day of strict quarantine after a rebound in Limited epidemic.

AT?? 300 kilometers away, tens of thousands of residents in a district of Yan’an City were in turn ordered to stay at home, while businesses were forced to close their doors.

China reported 209 new COVID-19 patients on Tuesday, the highest number of daily infections in 21 months.

The authorities have applied since last year a “zero COVID” strategy which consists of doing everything to limit the occurrence of new cases as much as possible.

AT?? the approach of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (4-20 February 2022), China redoubles its vigilance and takes drastic measures as soon as an outbreak appears.

However, life has been almost normal in the country since the spring of 2020 despite limited epidemic revivals and generally under control within a few weeks.

Xi’an’s containment is the largest in China since that of Wuhan, when the world fearfully discovered a deadly new virus in early 2020.

The 13 million inhabitants of Xi’an are only allowed to go out for refueling, and once every three days, only one person per household.

“I’m going to starve,” pleaded a user on Weibo, a social network equivalent to Twitter.

“There is no food, my residence will not let me go out and I am about to run out of instant noodles […] please help me”, another commented.

Despite strict sanitary controls entering Xi’an, food supplies are stable, the authorities say.

“I don’t want to hear that all is well anymore,” wrote one of them. “There’s no point in having plenty of provisions if you don’t give them to people.”

Chaotic management in some neighborhoods is the cause of shortages, a resident, Mr. Liu, told AFP, who did not give his full name.

“Our neighborhood store is well stocked, but the prices are higher than usual,” he notes.

Officers in blue coveralls sprayed the deserted streets of Xi’an with disinfectant on Monday, according to images on public television CCTV, as residents were again demolished. tracked on a large scale.

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