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The pandemic task force of the government has its test and updated quarantine logs for people from countries, territories and jurisdictions that are on the green and yellow lists.

In a statement, President Spokesman Harry Roque said the new Interinstitutional Task Force (IATF) protocols for the Emerging Infectious Disease Management will go into effect on October 8th.

As per the updated guidelines must be full Subject to facility-based quarantine for continuously vaccinated individuals from green or yellow list countries until their negative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test is released on day five.

You must then register by day 10 quarantine at home, with the day of arrival being the first day.

On the other hand, unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or people whose vaccination status cannot be independently verified by our authorities or confirmed as valid or authentic must be the come from the named country lists until their RT is released. Subject to a facility-related quarantine -PCR test on the seventh day.

You must then be in quarantine at home by the 14th day, the day of arrival being the first day.

In both cases, the Bureau takes care of Quarantine (BOQ) for strict symptom monitoring while people are in the facility.

In the meantime, foreigners are required to secure their own, pre-booked accommodation for at least six days for the fully vaccinated; and at least eight days for unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or people whose vaccination status cannot be independently verified by local authorities.

Bermuda became the only country on the country’s red list as of October 1st. This list applies to countries that are considered to be “high risk” due to the infection rate with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Countries, territories and jurisdictions not mentioned are on the yellow list and are considered to be “moderate risk”.