This is yet another change for high school graduates. Since Jean-Michel Blanquer took office at the Ministry of Education, the baccalaureate has undergone changes every year, even if the coronavirus crisis has not helped.

As revealed by Le Parisien, the 2022 edition will experience new changes, whose parents will receive a document summarizing the new organization. In fact, while the Ministry of Education announced last June a strengthening of continuous assessment for this year, our colleagues have just learned that ultimately not all grades will count.

The subjects examined in the final exam, namely philosophy, French and the so-called specialties exams, will not be counted in the continuous assessment. But the most complicated is yet to come. In the tests assessed by continuous assessment, not all of them will count. Only those qualified as “certifying” will be taken into account, that is to say modern languages, history-geography, moral and civic education, maths or scientific education depending on whether one is in. general or technological route, the specialty of the first, the EPS (only in the terminal) and options.

But big news for this 2022 edition, it will be up to the teachers to choose the tests whose grades will be retained, and to assign them a coefficient. Do not panic, “the students will be kept informed”, according to the general direction of school education. A hell of a puzzle in perspective for teachers.

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