It’s Halloween and you’re looking to scare yourself with a good horror movie? Why not succumb to a bad horror movie, and worst of all? Netflix has indeed uploaded a short film directed by … artificial intelligence. So bad that it gets awesome. And above all hilarious …

Mr Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive: from the title, we understand that we are facing an intergalactic nanar potential. But nothing can prepare viewers for what is to follow. And for good reason: this short film of 4 minutes and 20 seconds was imagined by an artificial intelligence, which the actor Keaton Patti made watch more than 400,000 hours of horror films. The machine has thus assimilated all the codes of the genre, to get out all the clichés, and the result is just incredible (badly). Worst scenes follow worst replies, for what instantly becomes a new B … or Z series classic. Just perfect for Halloween.

Monsieur Puzzles Wants That You Are Less Alive, if we translate the title of this work into French, which we qualify as … singular, tells the story of a young woman’s ordeal ( the famous final girl), strapped in a warehouse above several running chainsaws, while her torturer in the devil mask rides … on a tricycle (mounted anyhow). As you will have understood, Saw’s influence is very strong in this little film, with obviously a reference to The Chainsaw Massacre. And right off the bat, as our hapless heroine finds out where she is, she drops a perfect reply: “Where am I? I should be in summer camp. Sexy summer “. Because it’s true that a lot of times in horror movies it’s best not to go to summer camp where all the teenagers look like they’re 25 and To be models …

Trapped, the young woman, who is therefore called Jennifer (“Because you have a body, Jennifer always has a body”, reference of the IA to Jennifer’s Body, film underrated © with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried), must try to get out of it by solving puzzles. His favorite colleague was also kidnapped, but he asks to be spared by saying “I have several families”. It’s big nonsense (no one is ready for the appearance of Freddy Krueger), in CGI, bringing back all the worst clichés of horror films in a few minutes. And you will never guess who will arrive to save the young woman. A great, hilarious moment, which (badly) fortunately does not last too long.

Uploaded to the official Netflix is ​​a joke account, on which the platform that makes “TUDUM” regularly posts comic content, Mr Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive has earned a pretty reputation for being the perfect babe. since its release, and is definitely worth watching this Halloween.

And for things more serious (or not), Netflix still has a massive selection of horror movies and series to watch this October 31: The Haunting of Hill House, The Fear Street Trilogy, Conjuring , Welcome to Zombieland, Ã ?? a, Stranger Things, Scary Movie, Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania or Hubie Halloween. Fear or laughter, it’s like treats or sweets: the choice is yours!

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