The public prosecutor of Béziers has made public information after the assault of a 13-year-old girl by another in a rue de Bassan, about ten kilometers north of Béziers (Hérault), on August 26 . In this press release, Raphaël Balland evokes “the media coverage of this procedure” – Midi Libre had revealed the information on Monday.

The prosecutor recalled the chronology of the facts. Three girls and two boys met in Bassan to explain themselves after “aggressive messages” exchanged on Snapchat. Two of the 13-year-old girls, former friends, were jealous of each other for a romance with one of the two boys. The discussion escalated and one of them struck the other with great violence: “punches and kicks on different parts of the body including the head, resulting in 3 days of total incapacity for work “, reports Raphaël Balland. The fight was filmed by three other minors present and was broadcast on social networks.

The parents of the victim lodged a complaint and all the people involved were identified and heard by the gendarmes of the Roujan (Hérault) brigade. “None of them has been known to justice so far,” it said in the statement.

The young girl who beat the victim was “placed in police custody and then brought before the children’s judge in Béziers” on Tuesday, September 7th. She was indicted for “violence in meetings resulting in total incapacity for work for less than eight days”. “The young girl said she regretted having committed this violence, while affirming that she had been the target of threats and insults for several weeks on social networks, in particular from the victim who was previously her. friend “, adds Raphaël Balland. “My daughter was ambushed over a boyfriend story. She is totally traumatized,” the victim’s father told Midi Libre. The father of the main defendant reports that “it has been several months since she has been harassed and threatened via social networks by this child. Last week, my daughter lost her temper. She should not have had to. . She slipped. There are no other words “. He denies the fact that his daughter ambushed the victim and claims that the opposite happened.

The three young people who filmed the scene with their phones are also being prosecuted for “violence in meetings” and “dissemination of these images”. They will be summoned by the children’s judge.